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                   LAST CALL FOR PAPERS
                   DECEMBER 3-5, 2004

The third biennial conference on the topic of "Ancient Studies -- New
Technology: The World Wide Web and Scholarly Research, Communication, and
Publication in Ancient, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies" will be held
December 3-5, 2004, at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA. All
topics relating to the use of the web, the internet, and computer
technology in scholarly and pedagogical endeavors are welcome. Topics
relating to all scholarly and pedagogical disciplines (e.g. philology,
history, art history, archaeology, computer science, library science,
religious studies, philosophy) as well as interdisciplinary topics are
welcome Sample topics of interest could include (but are not limited to) 1)
the digital museum; 2) the digital classroom; 3) the digital scholar; and
4) theoretical issues such as "knowledge representation". 300-word
electronic abstracts dealing with these issues and with other ways in which
the WEB can help to promote classical, ancient, Byzantine, and medieval
studies may be directed to Ralph Mathisen, Program Chair, at
ralphwm_at_uiuc.edu and ruricius_at_msn.com (snail-mail: Department of History,
309 Gregory Hall, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801). Deadline for
receipt of abstracts is August 31, 2004. Programs for previous conferences
may be consulted at http://www.roman- emperors.org/program.htm (2000
Conference) and http://tabula.rutgers.edu/conferences/ancient_studies2002/
conf_program.html (2002 Conference). The website for the upcoming
conference is located at http://www.cisat.jmu.edu/asnt3.

Ralph W. Mathisen
Department of History, University of Illinois
309 Gregory Hall, 810 S Wright ST, MC-466, Urbana IL 61801 USA
Phone: 217-244-2075, FAX: 217-333-2297
Director, Biographical Database for Late Antiquity
EMAIL: ralphwm_at_uiuc.edu or ruricius_at_msn.com
Society for Late Antiquity Web Site: http://www.sc.edu/ltantsoc
Geography of Roman Gaul Site: http://www.sc.edu/ltantsoc/geogmain.htm
Field Site: http://www.history.uiuc.edu/areas/lateantiquity.html

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