18.191 CFP: criticism of diagrams and images in mathematical texts

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         From: Michele Barbera <barbera_at_NETSEVEN.IT>
         Subject: Call for Papers: Diagrams and Images Criticism in
Mathematical Textual Traditions

       6th EU-Research & Technological Development Framework Program

        BRICKS --- Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge

               Focused WORKSHOP: Diagrams and Images Criticism in
                         Mathematical Textual Traditions
                     Pisa (ITALY), 26th-27th November 2004

   In establishing the critical text, every editor draws the rules from
   a system of general and shared criteria. On the other side, there are no
   shared criteria which underlie the process of editing mathematical

   The criticism of diagrams in mathematical texts is a very complex topic
   requiring the contribution of quite different skill. At first, the
   relevance of the mathematical diagram in the text must be
   evaluated from a mathematical and historical point of view.
   Secondly, a philological approach is necessary to guide the
   application of critical methods in the editing of mathematical
   figures. Finally, the possibility of satisfying every kind of
   editorial needs must be compared with the tools that modern
   information technologies make available to the editor.

   The purpose of the present workshop is to collect together
   mathematical, philological and technical points of view in order to
   establish a critical method in the editing of mathematical
   diagrams. The workshop is strictly related to the activities of
   "Digital Scriptorium" --- a work package of BRICKS project aimed to
   establish a series of standards in the field of building electronic
   critical editions and, more generally, of textual criticism.

   The following scholars have confirmed their participation:
   O.Besomi, P.Crozet, J.Dhombres, F.Furlan, E.Giusti, H.Hecht,
   C.Maccagni, P.Radelet, R.Rashed, K.Saito, A.Sorci, B.Vitrac.

   November, 26th (Friday)

   ** Presentation of BRICKS "Digital Scriptorium"
   ** Introduction: the problem of mathematical diagrams criticism.
   ** General talk dealing with the relevance of a correct critical
      edition of figures for the comprehension of mathematical texts.
   ** Case Studies. Each speaker will underline the main features of the
      diagram involved (from a philological and/or mathematical point of
      view) and explain the adopted solution. A discussion will be open
      after every talk in order to analyse the possibility of finding a
      shared methodology and models. Some interesting cases have been
      already foreseen: Galileo's "Saggiatore", Piero della Francesca's
      "Libellus de quinque corporibus", Leon Battista Alberti's "Ludi
      Mathematici", Euclid's "Elementa", etc.

   November, 27th (Saturday):

** The day will be dedicated to balance and define an essential guide grid.


Ottavio BESOMI (Zurich)
Enrico GIUSTI (Florence)
Carlo MACCAGNI (Genoa)
Pier Daniele NAPOLITANI (Pisa)


Veronica GAVAGNA

For more informations, visit


   Authors are invited to submit papers to be presented in 25 minute
   sessions. Please address in English to:

   workshop_at_brickscommunity.org .

   Only electronic submissions accepted. An acknowledgment will be
   sent by Email to the corresponding Author. Deadline for the
   submission: September 20th, 2004

Registration deadline: October 15th, 2004
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