18.211 texts in Komi-Permian? Endnotes keyed to page numbers?

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   [1] From: "Yuri Tambovtsev" <yutamb_at_mail.cis.ru> (23)
         Subject: Komi-Permian has been computed

   [2] From: "Joel Elliott" <joel_elliott_at_unc.edu> (18)
         Subject: help with endnotes keyed to page numbers

         Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 06:39:20 +0100
         From: "Yuri Tambovtsev" <yutamb_at_mail.cis.ru>
         Subject: Komi-Permian has been computed

Dear Humanist colleagues, Komi-Permian has been added to our language
corpora. Komi-Permian is a Finno-Ugric language spoken near the Urals. We
tried hard to look for it for ten years, but failed to find it anywhere in
the electronic form, so we had to feed it in our computer
ourselves. It looks like it is easier very often to feed an exotic language
into computer than to find it elsewhere in the electronic form. What really
kills me is that the funds which try to preserve the endagered languages,
do not care to put them into electronic form and to make them available on
some web site. They make linguists write grammars and pay money only for
the grammars. After that grammar books (on paper) are buried in some
library. I wrote to these funds for the endagered languages but never
received any answer if the texts should be put on some web site. It is a
very strange policy. Now
we have the data on the phonemic frequencies of 158 world
languages. Unfortunately, our project is not supported by any
university, private or government fund. This is why, our
project has only 158 languages for 34 years of our studies.
Komi-Zyrian which is close to Komi-Permian also needs a more
intensive investigation by a computer. Can you advise me where
to get electronic texts in Komi-Zyrian?
Looking forward to your comments to
<mailto:yutamb_at_hotmail.com>yutamb_at_hotmail.com Yours
sincerely Yuri Tambovtsev

         Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 06:40:57 +0100
         From: "Joel Elliott" <joel_elliott_at_unc.edu>
         Subject: help with endnotes keyed to page numbers

Could someone point me to any resources that might assist a writer
manage endnotes that are keyed to page numbers? I.e., each endnote
begins with an excerpt from the body of the text that is keyed to the
source's page number. It occurs to me that you could perhaps automate
the process by using cross-references to the page numbers of the source
quote, e.g., in Microsoft Word. Are there other/better resources for
managing or automating such notes? I don't recall that the program
Endnote supports for this note style.

It may be that others refer to this notation style with terms like
"catchphrase notes" or "blind notes." It would help to know the proper
term(s) for this notation style.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Joel Elliott
Technology Coordinator
National Humanities Center
Durham, NC 27709
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