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As technology advances we are witnessing changes in the nature of
cognition. A wide range of issues pertaining to technology and
cognition will be covered in a series of special issues of the
journal Pragmatics & Cognition. We are inviting contributions to our
special issues, as specified below (for full details, please see:
http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~id/technology.html )

Pragmatics & Cognition (P&C) will henceforth pay special attention
to the growing interest in the relationship between technological
advances and cognition a field that is intimately related to
the journal's basic concerns.

Beginning with volume 13 (2005), Pragmatics & Cognition will contain
three issues instead of the current two. Each year, one of P&C's
issues will be a thematic Special Issue devoted to "Cognition and
Technology" (C&T), containing invited as well as submitted
refereed papers. Space will also be reserved in these thematic
issues for submitted articles, discussion notes, and book reviews in
the field of C&T not specifically related to the theme of the
Special Issue. Each Special Issue will be co-edited by a Guest
Editor and Itiel Dror, who has been appointed P&C's Associate
Editor for C&T.
For full details, please see:

Special Issues

1. New Technologies and the Pragmatics of Cognition Editors: Marcelo
Dascal and Itiel Dror

2. Distributed Cognition Editors: Stevan Harnad and Itiel Dror

3. Robotics and Cognition Editors: Pim Haselager, Maria Eunice
Qumlice Gonzales, and Itiel Dror

4. Ageing, Impairment, and Technology Editors: Romola Bucks,
Jonathan Cole, and Itiel Dror

5. Technologies for Cognitive Research: Achievements, Problems, and
Prospects Editors: Boris Velichkovsky and Itiel Dror

6. Cognitive Development and Education in the Mirror of Technology
Editors: TBA and Itiel Dror

Contributions are invited to the Special Cognition and Technology
Series (for full details, please see:
http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~id/technology.html )

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