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         From: David Sewell <drs2n_at_virginia.edu>
         Subject: XML (TEI) Programming Job at Virginia

Title: Information Technology Specialist II (Programmer/Analyst)
Working Title: Programmer/Analyst and XML Designer

    The Electronic Imprint of the University of Virginia Press publishes
    new digital scholarship via the World Wide Web, with underlying data
    stored primarily in XML. This position will require the candidate to
    analyze collections of richly tagged XML documents; design, write, and
    modify programs to search, query, retrieve and display them; and
    design HTML-based interfaces to the published texts. The successful
    candidate will have experience in creating and editing XML documents
    and in using a range of XML-related standards and technologies (DTDs,
    schemas, XPath, XSL), as well as good familiarity with
    standards-compliant HTML. Experience writing XSLT programs is
    strongly desired. The candidate must have a demonstrated ability to
    learn programming skills quickly, as this position will require use of
    the developing XQuery language. Experience in any or all of the
    following areas would be assets: Web design and programming
    technologies (especially CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP); high-level
    programming languages for text manipulation (especially Perl; or
    Python, Ruby); humanities computing, especially the Text Encoding
    Initiative; database programming (especially SQL, FileMaker Pro);
    Unix/Linux systems, including program installation and configuration,
    shell programming, editors and text utilities; manipulation of
    digitized images. The candidate must be capable of both team and
    individual programming, and should have strong communication skills
    and the ability to document his or her work in clear written English.

For application instructions, please refer to:


For further information, please contact David Sewell, Editorial and
Technical Manager, EI, University of Virginia Press,

David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager
Electronic Imprint, The University of Virginia Press
PO Box 400318, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4318 USA
Email: dsewell_at_virginia.edu   Tel: +1 434 924 9973
Web: http://www.ei.virginia.edu/
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