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   [1] From: David Green <redgen_at_mac.com> (71)
         Subject: Knowledge Culture Bulletin. Oct 6: FCC+IMLS Broadband

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         Subject: CFP: The Networked Citizen: New Contributions of the
                 Digital Humanities

         Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:50:36 +0100
         From: David Green <redgen_at_mac.com>
         Subject: Knowledge Culture Bulletin. Oct 6: FCC+IMLS Broadband

FCC + IMLS Sponsor Broadband Symposium
Thursday October 6, 9am-4pm
Symposium, "Unleashing the Educational Power of Broadband," sponsored by
the FCC and the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will be
held at FCC Headquarters, Washington, DC, Thursday October 6, 9am-4pm

The symposium will be webcast at: http://www.fcc.gov/realaudio/#oct6

"Broadband offers new ways for museums and libraries - with their massive
holdings, carefully curated exhibitions and experiences, trained and
knowledgeable professionals, and educational programs to contribute to
effective learning at home, at school and in the workplace." Dr. Robert
Martin, Director, Institute for Museum and Library Services

9:00 Welcome
* Sarah E. Whitesell Associate Chief, Office of Strategic Planning & Policy
Analysis, FCC
* Opening Remarks Chairman Michael K. Powell, FCC

9:10 Demonstration: The Power of Broadband in Learning
* Douglas Levin Director of Education Policy, Cable in the Classroom

9:25 Remarks Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy, FCC
9:30 Remarks Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein, FCC

9:35 Panel I: Integrating Technology Into the Learning Environment
* Opening Remarks Moderator Robert Martin, Ph.D., Director, IMLS
* Darryl LaGace, Director, Information Systems, Lemon Grove School
District, California
* Cynthia Stout, Ph.D., Curriculum Content Specialist, Jefferson County
Public Schools, Colorado
* Ed Vandertook, Executive Director, Mountain Board of Cooperative
Educational Services, Colorado
* Pam Berger, M.L.S., Library/Education Technology Consultant, DataSearch
Group, Inc., New York

11:00 Break

11:10 Demonstration: Lemon Grove School District Turned On
* Darryl LaGace, Director, Information Systems, Lemon Grove School District,

11:30 Remarks Commissioner Michael J. Copps

11:35 Panel II: Using Technology to Meet the Diverse Needs of Lifelong Learners
Moderator: Peggy O'Brien, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Educational
Programming and Services, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
* Bruce Friend, Chief Administrative Officer, Florida Virtual School
* Karen Warren, Director of Information Technology, American School for the
Deaf, Connecticut
* David D. Reilly, Technology Coordinator, Yupiit School District, Alaska
* Carla Hayden, Ph.D., Executive Director, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland

12:50 Presentation: BellSouth Foundation

1:05 Lunch Break

2:05 Demonstration: Building Big: The Power of Convergence in Learning
* Michael Connet, Director of Education, Nortel Networks Kidz Online
* Joel Holland, Host of Streaming Futures, Nortel Networks Kidz Online

2:25 Panel 3: Forging Alliances and Looking Ahead
Moderator: Lisa Zaina Chief Executive Officer, USAC
* Joanne Steneck, General Counsel, Maine Public Utilities Commission
* Hal Gardner, Director KAN-ED, Kansas
* Anthony Wilhelm, Ph.D., Director Technology Opportunities Program, NTIA
* Louis Fox, Ph.D., Executive Director, National Internet2 K20 Initiative &
Vice Provost, University of Washington

3:40 Demonstration: Increasing Student Achievement with Videos on Demand
* Paul Thomas Vice President of Marketing and Product Development,
Discovery Education

4:00pm CLOSE
David Green, Ph.D.
Knowledge Culture

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         Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:51:50 +0100
         From: "Ray Siemens" <siemensr_at_MALA.BC.CA>
         Subject: CFP: The Networked Citizen: New Contributions of the
Digital Humanities

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Humanities (12/15/04; 05/29/05 - 05/31/05)

The Networked Citizen: New Contributions of the Digital Humanities


Consortium for Computers in the Humanities / Consortium pour Ordinateurs
en Sciences Humaines (COCH/COSH) 2005 Meeting of the Congress of the
Social Sciences and Humanities The University of Western Ontario, May 29
- 31, 2005

Proposals for papers and sessions are invited to be considered for
presentation at the 2005 meeting of COCH/COSH at the Congress of the
Social Sciences and Humanities.

Particularly welcome are proposals that develop the idea of the
networked citizen and the role of the Arts and Humanities in their
work/lives. Further topics may include, but will not be limited to:

- the web as network
- the post-national citizen
- humanities computing as an agora for multi-disciplinary engagement
- the network and society, from an Arts and Humanities perspective
- humanities computing and pedagogy
- computing in the visual, musical, and performance arts
- scholarly electronic publishing and dissemination
- digital/electronic copyright issues
- computing in multi-lingual and non-English environments
- e-accessibility
- ongoing humanities computing research involving materials in textual,
oral/aural, visual, multi-media, and other formats
- the paradoxes of standardization
- humanities versus instrumental methods
- the future of the humanities in computing

The conference will also see a number of joint sessions with several
Federation societies - and will feature special panels designed to
emphasize communication across arts and humanities disciplines with a
focus on the integration of the work of the computing humanist and the
broader humanities research community.

There is a limited amount of funding available to support a graduate
student panel. Interested parties should inquire through the address

Paper and/or session proposals will be accepted until December 15, 2004.
Please note that all presenters must be members of COCH/COSH at the time
of the conference.

Abstracts/proposals should include the following information at the top
of the front page: title of paper, author's name(s); complete mailing
address, including e-mail; institutional affiliation and rank, if any,
of the author; statement of need for audio-visual equipment. Abstracts
of papers should be between 150 and 300 words long, and clearly indicate
the paper's thesis, methodology and conclusion.

Single-paper proposals will be accepted electronically via the
conference web site: http://www.coch-cosh.ca/Congress/2005/

Session proposals and other inquiries may be emailed directly to

Patrick Finn (St. Mary's University-College) and Alan Galey (University
of Western Ontario): conference_at_coch-cosh.ca
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