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         From: Paul Bergen <icg_at_fas.harvard.edu>
         Subject: Job Announcement in Humanities Computing from Harvard

Senior Specialist for Instructional Computing in the Humanities

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The Instructional Computing Group (ICG. See http://icg.fas.harvard.edu/) of
FAS Computer Services facilitates the integration of World Wide Web and
multimedia instructional resources into instruction across the curriculum
in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This position provides technical
and pedagogic leadership in helping faculty and course staff to integrate
electronic tools and materials into their teaching, with a particular
emphasis on support for the humanities disciplines. The position works
closely with faculty, teaching staff, and department administrators to
determine which existing instructional computing resources will meet their
pedagogical needs and/or to collaborate in the design and development of
new online resources where necessary. The positoin participates fully in
the activities of ICG's Instructional Design and Development team,
including design and implementation of training and support programs,
development of instructional design plans and usability studies, production
of online and print documentation for instructors and colleagues, training
and support for course staff who use ICG's Instructor's Toolkit to develop
course Web sites, development and integration of interactive online tools,
and promotion of ICG services and resources through presentations for
department and course-based groups.

A graduate degree in a humanities discipline is strongly preferred. Strong
candiadtes will have at least three years of Web programming and/or design
experience and significant experience teaching with technology and
developing Web-based instructional resources. Candiates shoud have a
demonstrated record of initiative in working with college-level faculty and
course staff to support instructional uses of technology in a humanities
field. Excellent knowledge of HTML, Perl, CGI, Flash, and other relevant
WWW technologies and programming experience is desired. Candidates should
be able to demonstrate knowledge of user interface design, usability and
accessibility standards. Outstanding written and oral communication and
presentation skills and strong skills in project design and work flow
management are required, as are excellent decision-making and
problem-solving skills and the ability to work in and lead teams.

Paul F. Bergen
Senior Manager, The Instructional Computing Group
FAS Computer Services
Harvard University
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