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Kluwer is pleased to announce the publication of the following new book:
As a result of the merger of Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) and
Springer-Verlag, the two companies will soon operate under the joint
Springer brand and integrate their activities.

Language, Knowledge, and Representation

edited by

Jesus M. Larrazabal Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and
Information (ILCLI), University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian,

Luis A. Perez Miranda Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and
Information (ILCLI), University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian,

Every two years since 1989, an international colloquium on cognitive
science is held in Donostia - San Sebastian, attracting the most
important researchers in that field. This volume is a collection of the
invited papers to the Sixth International Colloquium on Cognitive
Science (ICCS-99), written from a multidisciplinary, cognitive
perspective, and addressing various essential topics such as
self-knowledge, intention, consciousness, language use, learning and
discourse. This collection reflects not only the various
interdisciplinary origins and standpoints of the participating
researchers, but also the richness, fruitfulness, and exciting state of
research in the field of cognitive science today. A must-read for anyone
interested in philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and computer science,
and in the perception of these topics from the perspective of cognitive

CONTENTS AND CONTRIBUTORS Introduction. Self-Knowledge And Externalism;
W. Brewer. Aunty's Argument And Armchair Knowledge; M. Davies. Emotional
And Conversational Nonverbal Signals; P. Ekman. Focus In Discourse:
Alternative Semantics Vs. A Representational Approach In SDRT; I. Gomez
Txurruka. On Collective Intentions; K. Korta. The Plurality Of
Consciousness; W. Lycan. The Role Of Unlabeled Data in Supervised
Learning; T.M. Mitchell. Cognitive Neuroscience And The Unity Of The
Study Of Cognition; J.M. Roy. Consciousness And Self-Knowledge; E. Sosa.
Twelve Varieties Of Subjectivity: Dividing In Hopes Of Conquest; R. De
Sousa. Name Index. Subject Index.

Hard cover ISBN: 1-4020-2057-0 Date: August 2004 Pages: 191 pp. EUR
99.00 / USD 109.00 / GBP 69.00

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