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   [1] From: Suzana Sukovic <suzana.sukovic_at_uts.edu.au> (52)
         Subject: Re: 18.297 skimming? expressive drift?

   [2] From: Norman Hinton <hinton_at_springnet1.com> (2)
         Subject: Re: 18.297 skimming? expressive drift?

         Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 07:35:58 +0100
         From: Suzana Sukovic <suzana.sukovic_at_uts.edu.au>
         Subject: Re: 18.297 skimming? expressive drift?

> Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 07:47:23 +0100
> From: Caterina Caracciolo <caterina_at_localhost.localdomain>
> >
>Dear all,
>I am looking for material concerning the process of skimming a text, either
>when reading on-paper, or on-line.
>It seems to me that a forward skimming is easier to perform and more
>"reader-friendly" than a backward skimming, at least for those languages
>that are written from left to right and from top to bottom.
>If so, when assessing the readability of an excerpt from a text, documents
>starting slightly too early (with respect to the relevant part) should be
>preferred over documents starting slightly too late, since the latter imply
>a backward skimming.
>Obviously, not only the direction of the skimming, but also the "amount" of
>text to skim, have an impact on the readability of the text.
>Can anyone point me to studies on these issues, or let me know your opinion
>on them?
>Caterina Caracciolo
> Informatics Institute, Uni of Amsterdam | P: +31 20 525 5355
> Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam (NL) | F: +31 20 525 7490

Miriam Schcolnik - "A study of reading with dedicated e-readers", available
from http://www.planetebook.com/downloads/schcolnik.pdf


Suzana Sukovic
PhD Candidate
The Information Program Area
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney


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         Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 07:38:07 +0100
         From: Norman Hinton <hinton_at_springnet1.com>
         Subject: Re: 18.297 skimming? expressive drift?
Without reference to 'ease', I was taught 50 years ago that you do a better
job proofreading backwards than forwards.
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