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* * * Call for Applicants * * *
NINES Workshop in Digital Scholarship

This is a week-long workshop for scholars undertaking digital projects
in nineteenth-century British and American literary and cultural
studies. The workshop will be held at the University of Virginia, 18-22
July 2005, and will provide a practical setting where scholars can work
at the development of their individual projects with other scholars who
have shared interests, goals, and problems to be addressed. The
theoretical, technical, administrative, and institutional issues
connected to the development of digital scholarly work will focus the
workshop's activities, which will be organized around and driven by the
needs of the specific projects themselves.

The workshops will be run by faculty and staff at U. of Virginia
involved with the NINES (Networked Infrastructure for
Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship) and ARP (Applied Research in
Patacriticism) projects.

Additional information is available at:

Everyone accepted into the workshop will have their lodging,
breakfasts, and lunches provided during the period of the workshop.
There will be a workshop fee of $350.

Applications should not exceed two single spaced pages. They should be
headed with a project title and a one-sentence description of the
project. They should include as well a developed project description
that addresses each of the following matters:

the scholarly rationale for the project;
the technical and theoretical problems that face the project and that
can be addressed in the NINES workshop;
the expected duration of the project, its phases, and some description
of the current state of work;
the digital technology used or needed by the project;
and the technical support available to the scholar at his/her home

Send applications by January 15th to:

Applicants are expected to secure financial support from their home
institutions. For scholars in need, some financial support (for travel
and workshop fees) is available. For applicants requesting financial
aid, a separate document (not to exceed one page single-spaced) should
accompany the workshop application explaining why aid is needed.

At 05:29 PM 10/19/2004, you wrote:
>Sure. Send me the text file. I have never posted an attachment on Humanist
>and am somewhat reluctant to do so. As long as the text file has reference
>to a URL where the nicely formatted version lives I think that's about as
>good as the mechanism gets.
>At 15:24 19/10/2004, you wrote:
>>i want to make an announcement on the HUMANIST listserve about the NINES
>>workshop here at UVA next summer. would you send it out for me? i will
>>send you a pdf file announcement as well as a text file, if you would do
>>me the favor.
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