18.328 call for works: TechnoFeminisms - New Cultural Mediations

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         Subject: call for works - TechnoFeminisms - New Cultural Mediations

An exploration of feminisms and technologies by the Canadian Womenıs Studies
Association and the Consortium for Computers in the Humanities (COCH/COSH)
at the 2005 HSSFCıs Annual Congress

Call for Works:
TechnoFeminisms: New Cultural Mediations

Abstract Deadline: December 15, 2004

Even before Donna Haraway identified connectivity as the key to womenıs
liberation from the tyranny of patriarchal structures and the cyberfeminist
collective VNS Matrix identified the clitoris as the direct line to the
matrix, feminist artists and critics have been searching for ways of using
technology to speak outside of the expected parameters of well-behaved
bodies, restrictive language and linear ideas. We seek (post)feminist art,
works or performances that use technology to explore the new cultural
mediations of our information age. We are looking for pieces that expand the
boundaries of art, gender, bodies, interactivity, networks, media,
technology and/or criticism rather than traditional academic papers.

The Canadian Women's Studies Association, founded in 1982, is a bilingual,
pan-Canadian, feminist association. Its members are Women's Studies faculty
and students, as well as policy researchers and community activists. The
goals of the CWSA are to build a Women's Studies network across Canada, and
to promote Women's Studies as an interdisciplinary field within the academic

The Consortium for Computers in the Humanities/Le Consortium pour
ordinateurs en sciences humaines is a Canada-wide association of
representatives from Canadian colleges and universities that began in 1986.
Our objective is to foster communications about, and sharing of, information
technology developed by Canadian institutions for the betterment of
post-secondary education across Canada. COCH/COSHıs participation in the
Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canadaıs (HSSFC) annual
Congress is designed to promote humanities computing research and
scholarship across Canada and internationally. Our theme for the 2005
Congress will be "The Networked Citizen: New Contributions of the Digital
Humanities," and will place special emphasis on connections between
humanities computing and other fields. It will take place at the University
of Western Ontario from May 29-31, 2005.

Paper and/or session proposals will be accepted in English or French until
December 15, 2004. Please note that all presenters must be members of
COCH/COSH at the time of the conference.

Abstracts/proposals should include the following information: title of
work/performance, author's name(s); complete mailing address, including
email; institutional affiliation and rank, if any, of the author; statement
of need for audio-visual or other equipment. Proposals should be 300 to 500
words long, and give a clear sense of what the work will involve. Please be
sure to mark your submission as being for the ŒTechnoFeminismsı portion of
the conference.

Proposals will be accepted electronically via the conference web site:
but any supporting materials (jpegs, mp3s, weblinks, etc.) and inquiries
should be emailed directly to:

Carolyn Guertin, PhD
Senior McLuhan Fellow
McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology
University of Toronto
39A Queenıs Park Crescent
Toronto Canada M5S 2C3
voice: 416-928-0196
fax: 416-978-5324
email: carolyn.guertin_at_utoronto.ca
website: http://www.ualberta.ca/~cguertin/
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