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         From: "J. Stephen Downie" <jdownie_at_uiuc.edu>
         Subject: Music IR: Two new mailing lists

Hi gang:

As part of the "International Music Information Retrieval Systems
Evaluation Laboratory" (IMIRSEL) project, I have just set up two new email
lists to help facilitate communications among those involved in
establishing a TREC-like evaluation programme for Music Information
Retrieval and Music Digital Library researchers. Background information on
the IMIRSEL project can be found at:

"Toward the scientific evaluation of music information retrieval systems"

LIST #1: M2K -- mirmodules_at_lists.lis.uiuc.edu

This mail list is designed to facilitate communications among those using
and contributing to the M2K (Music to Knowledge) subset of the D2K (Data to
Knowledge) framework and toolkit. Information about D2K can be found at:


Subscription information is available at:


"M2K", is the newly minted moniker for the set of MIR-specific D2K modules
that are being developed jointly by the UIUC IMIRSEL project and the MIR
community at large. M2K is being built to facilitate the efficient
prototyping and evaluation of experimental MIR techniques and will play a
pivotal role in future TREC-like MIR Evaluation eXchanges (MIREX). More
about MIREX in a below.

Information about the role M2K/D2K will play in the evaluation programme
can be found at:

"The International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation
Laboratory: Governance, Access and Security"

Note: The M2K modules will be released shortly. Email me personally at
jdownie_at_uiuc.edu if you are interested being notified of the official
release details outside of the M2K list (i.e., you want to explore M2K but
do not want to subscribe to the M2K list). The M2K modules are being
designed to help with many different MIR/MDL tasks. Examples of some of the
tools/functionalities that we want to build into M2K can be found at:


LIST #2: MIREX -- evalfest_at_lists.lis.uiuc.edu

This list is designed to facilitate communications among those involved in
planning, executing and participating in MIREX 2005. "MIREX" (Music
Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange)* is the newly minted moniker for
the TREC-like evaluation programme we as a MIR/MDL research community are
setting up. This builds upon and expands the initial work recently done at
the "Audio Description Contest" which took place during the 5th ISMIR
Conference in Barcelona, Spain, October 10-14 2004

If you are interested in MIR/MDL system evaluation issues and/or have had
experience in other formal system evaluation endeavours (e.g., TREC, etc.)
I would warmly welcome your participation.

Subscription information is available at:


*Sue Manus of the Library of Congress is to be creditted with coming up
with the spiffiest sounding acronym. Thanks, Sue.

Cheers and thank you.

J. Stephen Downie

The IMIRSEL project is being supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
and the National Science Foundation.

     "Research funding makes the world a better place"
J. Stephen Downie, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Graduate School of Library and Information Science; and,
Fellow, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(217) 351-5037
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