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A few 2-year postdoc positions for foreigners may be available starting on
October 1st, 2005 in the Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics at
Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain).

The web site of the group is:

<http://www.grlmc.com>http://www.grlmc.com or

The eligible topics for them are the group's current or future research

- Formal language theory and its applications.
- Bioinformatics.
- Biomolecular computing and nanotechnology.
- Language and speech technologies.
- Formal theories of language acquisition.
- Computational neuroscience.

Other connected fields might still be eligible provided there exist strong
enough candidates for them.

All the positions will be filled in under the form of a scholarship (rather
than a work contract).

Eligibility requirements:

- non-Spanish citizen,
- not older than 35 on October 1st, 2005,
- PhD in hand,
- holding a research position in her/his home country.

Economic conditions:

- monthly salary of 1,200 euros (non-taxed),
- travel grant in the interval 500-1,600 euros,
- health insurance (not including pharmaceutical assistance),
- waiving of registration fees (in case s/he registers for the group's PhD

Expressions of interest are welcome until December 6, 2004. A preselection
will be done then. The formal application process will take place
immediately after that.

Carlos Martin-Vide
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