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C-SPAN Special Alert!

C-SPAN Exclusive!

Nation's Top Thinkers on the Digital Future to Present Series of Lectures
at the Library of Congress

Tune In; Take Part

C-SPAN will be covering the Library of Congress' new evening lecture
series, "Digital Future," presenting some of the best known names in
digitally networked communications. The series begins with a talk by
David Weinberger, an expert on blogging, who will discuss how and in
which situations blogs work and their value in children's education. The
lecture airs this Monday, 6:30 - 8 pm ET, live on C-SPAN.

Participate in the series by emailing questions to digital_at_loc.gov, or
find more information about the series and archived video on our web
site at http://www.c-span.org/congress/libraryofcongress.asp.

Future lecture topics include:

Monday, December 13 - Brewster Kahle, a digital librarian & director and
co-founder of the Internet Archive. He will explain how and why
capturing material on the Web is important, and discuss the challenges
of selecting pertinent content.

Monday, January 31 - Brian Cantwell Smith, dean of the Faculty of
Information Studies at the University of Toronto. The title of his talk
is "And Is All This Stuff Really Digital After All?"

Monday, February 14 - David Levy, professor at the Information School of
the University of Washington. He will discuss the shift of the
experience of reading from the fixed page to digital, and the effect
that has had on language.

Thursday, March 3 - Lawrence Lessig, professor at Stanford Law School &
founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. He will
discuss digital copyright issues.

Monday, March 14 - Edward Ayers, dean of the College and Graduate School
of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia. He will address the
implications of creating and distributing knowledge in today's digital

Monday, March 28 - Neil Gershenfeld, director for the Center of Bits and
Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His talk is titled
"From the Library of Information to the Library of Things."

Series dates and times subject to change. Visit
http://www.c-span.org/congress/libraryofcongress.asp for more

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