18.393 the puzzling technology of the codex, translated

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         From: Judy Reynolds <judyr_at_SJSU.EDU>
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[The following refers to the announcement of a Norwegian video on the
puzzling technology of the codex in Humanist 18.298, where it was
mistakenly said to be in Danish. --WM]

    The recent helpdesk clip posted on this list was actually in
Norwegian. Finally found someone to translate it in case others on the
list are interested.
       Judy Reynolds
       Library, San Jose State University


>I am sorry it took me a while, but work has been quite busy lately. As a
>told you, I have seen this before and it is funny. It pretty much displays
>how my workday is. It is a tech support call from Brother Ansgard after a
>major system upgrade from scrolls to books. I have pretty much made a
>direct translation of the dialog. I used U: for the user Brother Ansgard
>and SA for the technical support analyst.
> Henrik
>SA: Brother Ansgard?
>U: Yes
>SA: Yes, that's you?
>U: Yes
>SA: That's good
>U: Yes, hey you
>SA: Yes, what's the problem?
>U: Yes, it's this one. (Points to the book) Do you want to sit down? I
>haven't been able to do anything the whole morning.
>SA: I'm sorry, but we are changing to a new system and everyone needs help
>at the same time. So you can't get in to it?
>U: No it's just laying here
>SA: Did you try to open it?
>U: Open it? If it was that easy, would I have called the help desk?
>SA Yes, that's true
>U: Do you want a cup of warm water?
>SA: No thanks, this should be a quick fix, you just do this (opens the
>book) and then you should get started
>U: Well I got that figured out too, but then it stopped and I was afraid I
>would loose some of the text, so I didn't dare to continue
>SA: OK, but you must understand that inside here is several hundred pages
>of stored text, so to continue you grab one of the pages and turn it over
>and the text will continue here
>U: Oh, I turn the pages?
>SA: Yes, you turn the pages
>U: But what if I want to go back?
>SA: Well, then you just turn the page backwards and then you are back to
>the text you had previously
>U: Oh, I get it. So the text ends here and continues here. But what do I
>do at the end of the day?
>SA: Well, then you just close the cover like this and everything will
>bestored inside
>U: So I don't risk loosing any of the text?
>SA: No, everything is stored inside and is safe unless you burn the book
>U: Well you understand that when you are used to scrolls, it will take a
>while to convert to turn pages in a beech
>SA: Yes, you mean book
>U: Yes, whatever
>SA: So everything is OK
>U: Yes, just one more thing before you leave, I open the book then turn
>the pages back and forth
>SA: Yes and the text is stored in there
>U: And then when I am finished, I just close it
>SA: Yes, that is correct
>U: Hi, wait I have the same problem again, I can't open it
>SA: You are trying to open it from the wrong side, you have to open it
>from the other side
>U: Oh, so it matter which side I am opening it from
>SA: Yes you have to open it from this side and then it is open
>U: Ok, I understand
>SA: Did you read the manual?
>U: The manual?
>SA: Yes, you should have gotten one, it includes instructions
>U: Oh, that one, yes but it has the same problem, I can't open it
>SA: We did not think of that
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