18.403 human memory -- of Pogo

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On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard
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>Re: "We have met the enemy..."
>My brother and I were huge Pogo fans and tended to get anything that was
>Pogo oriented, and I have a clear picture in my head of a closing large
>panel from a strip from (I think) the "I Go Pogo" book with that quote in
>it (I think in a thought balloon from Pogo himself) and including a group
>of caricatures of assorted people that Kelly regularly skewered including
>J. Edgar Hoover, not the more familiar 1971 polluted-swamp image (for which
>see below). I know that the memory can play tricks, but I also know that
>that has always been my source, though what I remember is "We have met the
>enemy and he is us." I checked the I Go Pogo website
>and the quote from Kelly says also: "As years passed, the final paragraph
>[quoted in the previous text] was reduced to "We have met the enemy and he
>is us," in a few strips having to do with pollution." That leads me to
>believe that Kelly did create other strips using it, though I suppose it
>could have been collaged together at a later date. This is the 1971 version
>printed in his strip for Earth Day (Kelly did not die until 1973 and it was
>drawn at least under his supervision if not by him):
>Pat Galloway
>School of Information
>University of Texas-Austin

You might also look in a POGO book titled something such as:

"G.O. Fizzikle POGO"

As I recall the "International Geophysical Year" might have been
1957-1958 or so. . .which would also coincide with the reaction
to Sputnik, which was a greater motivational force than any of
us ever seem to be willing to admit.

Michael S. Hart
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