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   [1] From: Alex Koohang <ijkloeditor_at_ijklo.org> (35)
         Subject: Knowledge & Learning Object - Journal

   [2] From: Gerry Mckiernan <gerrymck_at_IASTATE.EDU> (61)
         Subject: Call for Submissions for Book on _Usage Statistics
                 for E-Serials_ (Haworth)

         Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 07:28:51 +0000
         From: Alex Koohang <ijkloeditor_at_ijklo.org>
         Subject: Knowledge & Learning Object - Journal

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to invite you to submit a paper to the Interdisciplinary
Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects - IJKLO

IJKLO (ISSN: Print 1552-2210, CD 1552-2229, and Online 1552-2237) is an
academically peer refereed Journal. All submissions are blind refereed by
three or more peers.

IJKLO is published by the Informing Science Institute
in print by subscription and its articles also appear online free of charge.

The mission of the IJKLO is to provide readers around the world with the
widest possible coverage of developments in knowledge and Learning
Objects. IJKLO is an interdisciplinary forum that publishes high quality
articles on theory, practice, innovation, and research that cover all
aspects of Knowledge and Learning Objects.

In addition, IJKLO provides those who submit manuscripts for publication
with useful, timely feedback by making the review process constructive.
IJKLO will strive to be the most authoritative journal on Knowledge and
Learning Objects.

For author's guideline and how to submit a paper, visit

For a list of suggested topics, visit

Please review the mission of IJKLO and submit papers only in the area of
Learning Objects.

Please also consider becoming a reviewer for IJKLO. To become a reviewer,
Please make sure to attach a two to three paragraph narrative of your
professional and scholarly activities in the Comments to Chair area.

Best wishes,

Alex Koohang
Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

         Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 07:29:30 +0000
         From: Gerry Mckiernan <gerrymck_at_IASTATE.EDU>
         Subject: Call for Submissions for Book on _Usage Statistics for
E-Serials_ (Haworth)


Please find below a Call for Submissions for book on __Usage Statistics
for E-Serials_ (Haworth) posted on behalf of my colleague David Fowler
(dfowler_at_iastate.edu), our Electronic Resources Coordinator

NOTE: Please direct ALL queries to David (*not* me) ; Thanks!



Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian and Bibliographer
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011



I am editing a book for Haworth Press entitled "USAGE STATISTICS OF

This book is a volume in the series "Haworth Series on Serials
Librarianship and Continuing Resources". It will be a collection of
essays by various library and publishing professionals such as yourself,
concerning the current environment in libraries for the acquisition,
development and utilization of usage statistics for e-serials. This will
look at both the benefits and problems associated with the current and
future state of usage statistics.

I would like to invite interested people to write a paper for this
collection. If you have a relevant topic in mind, please feel free to
share your idea with me; Otherwise, I have prepared a list of several
topics that could be relevant to this book that you may want to
consider; please find this listing at the bottom of this message.

We are projecting to have all manuscripts completed by the end of April
2004, so that editing and publishing tasks can be accomplished.

I would be pleased and honored to have some of you contribute your
thoughts to this project. Please contact me about your interest at
dfowler_at_iastate.edu and also let me know if I can answer any
questions for you.


Dave Fowler



Edited by David C. Fowler

Topic Ideas:

How are e-serials usage statistics actually utilized?

Evaluating the costs of paid e-journals with statistics (acquisitions,
cataloging time, etc.)

Evaluating the actual costs of "Free" e-journals with statistics
(acquisitions, cataloging time, etc.)

Strategies when confronted with usage statistics problems by vendors.

How do libraries allot staff for e-serials statistics management (a

Current and future trends in electronic journal statistics.

Consortial arrangements for e-serials: When to use

Problems and solutions in promoting e-serial usage to customers

Issues with standardization of usage statistics.

What are the different methods of evaluating the quality and usefulness
of e-serials statistics?

Interlibrary loan statistics and collection development.

What is the next step in developing usage statistics?

How do libraries disseminate usage statistics?

Licensing and usage statistics.

Deriving usage statistics from local library management software.

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