18.416 "Deck us all with Boston Charlie"!

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My memory of "We have met the enemy and he is us" placed the words in the
mouth of Howland Owl, not Pogo, but when I went back and read (leafed)
through my copies of Pogo, I Go Pogo, Positively Pogo, and a few others, I
quickly realized the line could only have come from Porkypine, Kelly's voice
of cynical reason. Porkypine does say those words in the last panel of
Impollutable Pogo (1970) in response to Albert Alligator who, after saying
"All them characters what dumps anything anywhere...They is enemies of the
people," tosses his ceegar butt into the lemonade tub. I think Porky may be
quoting hisself from some earlier strip, but I couldn't find it. Kelly knew
a good line; his 1972 collection is titled "We have met, etc." SO it is
coming close to Christmas anyway, time to put down such efforts of source
tracing and gear up for caroling. Altogether: "Good King Sourkraut looked
out, on his feets uneven." Or should it be: "Deck us all with Boston
Charlie, Walla Walla Wash and Kalamazoo, Nora's freezin' on the trolley,
swaller dollar collar-flower alley-ga-roo"?
Malcolm Hayward

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> > From: Pat Galloway <galloway_at_ischool.utexas.edu>
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> >Re: "We have met the enemy..."
> >
> >My brother and I were huge Pogo fans and tended to get anything that was
> >Pogo oriented, and I have a clear picture in my head of a closing large
> >panel from a strip from (I think) the "I Go Pogo" book with that quote
> >it (I think in a thought balloon from Pogo himself) and including a
> >of caricatures of assorted people that Kelly regularly skewered
> >J. Edgar Hoover, not the more familiar 1971 polluted-swamp image (for
> >see below). I know that the memory can play tricks, but I also know that
> >that has always been my source, though what I remember is "We have met
> >enemy and he is us." I checked the I Go Pogo website
> >(http://www.igopogo.com/final_authority.htm),
> >and the quote from Kelly says also: "As years passed, the final
> >[quoted in the previous text] was reduced to "We have met the enemy and
> >is us," in a few strips having to do with pollution." That leads me to
> >believe that Kelly did create other strips using it, though I suppose it
> >could have been collaged together at a later date. This is the 1971
> >printed in his strip for Earth Day (Kelly did not die until 1973 and it
> >drawn at least under his supervision if not by him):
> >http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze3y3t2/whmte.htm
> >
> >Pat Galloway
> >School of Information
> >University of Texas-Austin
> You might also look in a POGO book titled something such as:
> "G.O. Fizzikle POGO"
> As I recall the "International Geophysical Year" might have been
> 1957-1958 or so. . .which would also coincide with the reaction
> to Sputnik, which was a greater motivational force than any of
> us ever seem to be willing to admit.
> Michael S. Hart
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