18.420 workshop on belief revision and dynamic logic

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         From: Andreas HERZIG <Andreas.Herzig_at_irit.fr>
         Subject: CFP workshop on belief revision and dynamic logic

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                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                               Workshop on
                    Belief revision and dynamic logic


                            15-19 August, 2005

                           organized as part of
          European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information
              ESSLLI 2005 http://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/esslli05/
                      8-19 August, 2005 in Edinburgh

Workshop Organizers:
Andreas Herzig ("herzig at irit.fr") and Hans van Ditmarsch ("hans at

Workshop Purpose:
In 'standard' AGM belief revision, a deductively closed theory T is revised
with a formula phi, resulting in a revised theory T * phi. Typically, the
negation of phi is in T and has to be 'retracted'. A fairly recent way to
model belief revision is within more general theories of action and change
such as dynamic logic, as sketched first in 'Two traditions in the logic of
belief: bringing them together', by Segerberg (1996, and 1999). In this
setting a pointed Kripke model for belief in the theory T satisfies in
particular B ~phi, and a dynamic modal operator [* phi], for 'belief
revision with phi', is interpreted as an epistemic state transformer [[*
phi]]. In the resulting epistemic state then holds B phi. There are also
other general frameworks, that have been investigated recently in AI, such
as situation calculus and fluent calculus. Such dynamic (and generally
epistemic) approaches allow in a natural fashion for multi-agent belief
revision, for belief revision with epistemic beliefs (typically: of other
agents), and provide refreshing insights on irrevocable belief revision and
iterated belief revision.

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Further Information:
About the workshop: http://www.irit.fr/~Andreas.Herzig/Esslli05
About ESSLLI: http://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/esslli05/
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