18.426 plagarism checkers

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I agree with Lisa L. Spangenberg that we should be able to spot plagiarism
ourselves. Surely, any instructor worth her/his salt should be able to do so?

On a slightly different tack, I would ask, Who is being cheated by
plagiarism? Surely it is the plagiarist in the main who is cheating
his/herself. Should we really be so worried by such plagiarism? It won't
help much in a three-hour exam in an examination room.

Michael Farringdon

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>9. As a graduate student, it seems to me, perhaps naively, that we should
>be able to spot plagiarism on our own, rather than engaging in mass
>submission of papers to a service (and there are legal ramifications of
>only submitting in one or two students' work from a class)? Isn't
>source-spotting part of what we should be able to do?
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