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The Mark Twain Project of the University of California, Berkeley, invites
applications for the following position:

Title: Editor
Requisition: 002154
Department: LIBRARY
Location: Main Campus-Berkeley

Job Description:
The Mark Twain Project, housed in the world's largest collection of
materials by and about Mark Twain, is a scholarly edition committed to
publishing all of the author's significant writings. Relying both on the
research and editorial expertise of its staff and the enormous resources
available in the archive (much of which was bequeathed to the University by
Mark Twain's daughter), MTP has produced award-winning critical editions of
Mark Twain's works and his private papers. It has now been funded by the
National Endowment for the Humanities to create an electronic edition of
Mark Twain's complete letters. This NEH grant project entails encoding the
texts of thousands of letters as well as additional critical material in
XML for eventual display and use via the World Wide Web.

Encode Mark Twain's letters in XML using a modified version of the Text
Encoding Initiative DTD. Review encoded material for stylistic consistency
and adherence to guidelines. Under supervision, contribute to the editing
of Mark Twain's texts, following established editorial principles and
performing proofreading, fact checking, and historical research as
necessary. Assist in the overall maintenance and development of encoding
guidelines by participating in discussions about unresolved issues and
updating the guidelines as directed. Perform routine checking and debugging
of encoded files. Assist in general archival management, including
maintenance, organization, and updating of the Mark Twain Papers collection
as needed.

Requirements & Qualifications:
Knowledge of humanities computing, scholarly textual editing, and, in
particular, the procedures, guidelines, and policies of the Text Encoding
Initiative (TEI) or a similar XML-based humanities encoding project.
Proficiency in XML (including DTDs). Excellent proofreading and copyediting

Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Demonstrated ability to understand and apply editorial theory and judgment.
Ability to be extremely detail-oriented and have an eye for error. Ability
to manage time effectively, work efficiently, work independently and with a
team, recognize and solve problems (or know when to refer them), and meet

Preferred: Intermediate relational database skills. Knowledge of
WordPerfect, XSL, CSS, HTML, Perl and regular expressions. Advanced degree
in English, humanities computing, information science, or an allied field.
Experience in digital publishing, textual encoding, or scholarly editing.

Other: This is a temporary career position with an end date of 10/06 and
the possibility of extension beyond that date.
Salary: 7684C Hourly: 16.72 - 20.09 Monthly: 2910 - 3496 Annual: 34920 - 41952
Closing Date: 12/29/2004

To apply, please go to: http://jobs.berkeley.edu/.
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