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         Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 10:19:22 +0000
         From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca>
         Subject: TAPoRware

Researchers release prototypes of tools for analyzing electronic texts

Computing researchers in McMaster University's Faculty of Humanities, with
colleagues at New York University (NYU), have just released TAPoRware 1.0
which contains three sets of tools that can be used for the analysis of
text in three specific file formats: xml, html and plain text.

"These are prototypes of the tools and services that will be available to
researchers in Canada and around the world through the open portal that we
are developing," says Geoffrey Rockwell, associate professor in the School
of the Arts. "This is our second release of the tools. We have fixed some
bugs found in the earlier release and we have updated our interface for the
tools. We think researchers will find these tools useful."

Rockwell and computing analyst and tool developer Lian Yan are looking for
interested researchers to test the prototype tools and provide feedback to
improve what's been developed to date and to also expand the toolbench that
is being developed for users to access from a portal. (The inaugural
version of the portal, which is also being developed by McMaster
researchers, was released last month. See. www.tapor.ca for more information)

Among the tools that have been developed for each of the various file
formats are: list words, co-occurrences, collocation and tokenize
tools. These tools allow researchers to manipulate, extract, and parse
words and portions to examine language and word patterns, styles, forms as
well as other elements of language and literature.

The development of the tools and portal is part of a larger research
project, the Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR), funded by the
Canada Foundation for Innovation. McMaster is the lead institution for the
project which includes partners from five other universities in Canada with
leading humanities computing centres: University of Victoria, University
of Alberta, University of Toronto, Université de Montréal and University of
New Brunswick. The Information Technology Services, NYU, also contributed
to the TAPoRware Tools.

Individuals interested in working with Rockwell and Yan to improve and
expand the tools should e-mail Yan at lyan_at_mcmaster.ca. The tools can be
accessed from
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