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LiveJournal (which no longer requires an invitation, and is still free),
Blogger (free), MovableType (free for Humanist; must be installed on a
server), TypePad, (paid only), WordPress (must be installed on a server)
all support the ability to email posts to a special address, and have them
automatically appear. I suspect other systems I have not used, like Drupal,
also support mail to post.

The posting part would thus be automatic; the blog address would be one
more subscriber. They all also would automatically create RSS feeds.

They also support comments, to varying degrees. Comment spam would still be
a problem. There are instances of properly set up blogs, blogs who have
taken the proper precautions, being hit with as many as 1,000 spam comments
in an hour (sent by a script); this is a potential problem, but there are
tools to cope with it. I'd just hate to burden Willard with it.


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I try to avoid all blogs whenever possible.
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