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         Subject: January Innovate-Live Webcast Schedule

Innovate-Live webcasts offer an opportunity to synchronously interact with
the authors of the articles in the December 2004/January 2005 issue of
Innovate (http://www.innovateonline.info). These webcasts are produced as a
public service by our partner, ULiveandLearn. If you wish to participate in
the webcasts, please register at http://www.uliveandlearn.com/innovate/

All times are Eastern Time zone. You may use the world clock at
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to coordinate the time with your
time zone.

The schedule for the January Innovate-Live Webcasts is provided below.

Incorporating a Rich Media Presentation Format into a Lecture-Based Course
Nick Moss, author; Alan McCord, moderator
Wednesday, January 12th 1:00pm ET

Strategies for Using Information Technology to Improve Institutional
Performance: An Interview with William H. Graves
William H. Graves, author; James Morrison, moderator
Wednesday, January 12th 3:00pm ET

New Horizons for Learning: An Interview with Dee Dickinson
Dee Dickinson, author; Scott Windham, moderator
Thursday, January 13th 2:00pm ET

Beyond PowerPoint: Visual Presentation Tools for Online Learning
Bruce Howerton, author; James Morrison, moderator
Thursday, January 13th 4:00pm ET

If you cannot attend a webcast, note that it will be archived within the
features section of the article itself shortly after the webcast.

Many thanks.


James L. Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, Innovate
Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill
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