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   [1] From: Amritha <kim_mlis_at_YAHOO.CA> (15)
         Subject: Reminder: Online Copyright Courses

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         Subject: Early Registration Deadline: Academic Integrity

         Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:10:51 +0000
         From: Amritha <kim_mlis_at_YAHOO.CA>
         Subject: Reminder: Online Copyright Courses

(Cross-posted; please excuse duplication.)

Just a reminder that Copyrightlaws.com will be
offering four courses this Spring:
U.S. Copyright Law
Canadian and International Copyright Law
Digital Licensing Online
Managing Copyright Issues

Further information and registration is at
http://www.acteva.com/go/copyright or e-mail



         Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:12:09 +0000
         From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois_at_umuc.edu>
         Subject: Early Registration Deadline: Academic Integrity Workshop


*January 20, 2005!* is the Early Registration Deadline for the online

This, the second of two workshops offered in the annual workshop series,
will be moderated by Kimberly Kelley, Ph.D., Associate Provost of
Information and Library Services and Executive Director of the Center
for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment,
University of Maryland University College and Steven W. Gilbert, Ed. M.,
M.B.A., President, The TLT Group, and will run from February 7 to
February 18, 2005. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn new
techniques and discuss the latest research on community building and
academic integrity!

This is an online, asynchronous seminar in which participants are active
at times convenient to them. For additional information call
240-582-2734 or 1-800-283-6832, extension 2734 or visit our web site to
register online.

Workshop- http://www.umuc.edu/cip/ipa/workshops.html#ai
Moderators- http://www.umuc.edu/cip/ipa/moderators.html
Registration- https://nighthawk.umuc.edu/CIPReg.nsf/Application?OpenForm

-Olga Francois
Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College
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