18.506 computing and composition

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David Reed wrote:
In a message dated 1/19/2005 3:56:55 PM Mountain Standard Time,
willard.mccarty_at_KCL.AC.UK writes:
>(3) does anybody know about a program that'll strip out the
>useless code from a M$Word-created HTML file? (as a plain ascii
>file the text in question is about 17K; in its full flower, as
>published to HTML by Word, it's 48K). (By the way, I've tried
>M$Word's "filtered" HTML and Dreamweaver's HTML cleanup.
>Neither touch the mess.)

I use a little program called web2text that handles just about
everything. You do have to do a little clean up on the quotes and dashes
in most cases.

David Reed

One simple approach is to save WORD files as RTF (Rich Text Format). This
strips out most of the junk, and I then import the RTF file into FrontPage,
for example.

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