18.526 conference on the Arundel Mss Collection, 19 Feb.

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         Subject: The Arundel Manuscripts Collection, 19 Feb.

On Saturday, 19 February, the Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies,
Institute of English Studies, University of London, is holding a one-day
conference on the work of the Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
(DigCIM) Project, British Library,
www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/. This conference features the
illuminated manuscripts in the collection of Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of
Arundel (1586-1646). A complete programme, with titles of papers and
speakers, is at www.sas.ac.uk/ies/centre/DigCIM/conferences.htm. Note that
the final event, a Postgraduate Research Training Forum on the Research
possibilities of Illuminated Manuscript Digitization, is specifically
designed to appeal to postgraduate students with any combination of
interests in medieval studies, manuscript studies, digitization and
humanities computing.


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