18.558 call for updates: Institutional Models for Humanities Computing

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This is a call for updates to "Institutional Models for Humanities
Computing", whose first iteration was published in Literary and Linguistic
Computing 18.3 (2003): 465-89, and is online at www.allc.org/imhc/. As far
as we know, it is the only world-wide register of its kind. Originally
compiled by Matt Kirschenbaum and Willard McCarty, its aim was to record,
in an emergent structure, the various institutional forms that humanities
computing takes in the world. LLC first planned to issue the listing
yearly, but we have found that institutions do not change fast enough to
justify a yearly update. Two years later, however, it seems time to make
another broad survey, change the links that need to be changed, record
shifts of emphasis, creation of new programmes -- and, of course, new
institutional units.

Our goal for the new edition of IMHC is to provoke discussion of the
institutional networks and structures in which computing humanists work by
offering several different organizational schemes in the web listing. We
are therefore calling not only for updates and additions to entries, but
also for suggestions as to the relevant categories under which humanities
computing programs and units usefully fall.

Please contact us with changes and suggestions.

Bethany Nowviskie (University of Virginia, bethany AT virginia.edu)
Willard McCarty (King's College London)

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