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         From: Ruth Kempson <kempson_at_dcs.kcl.ac.uk>
         Subject: ESSLLI2005 Workshop: FINAL CALL Foundations of Natural
Language Grammar

FINAL CALL FOR WORKSHOP PAPERS: apologies for multiple copies

Please also note correction in dates advertised to: August 15th-19th

Foundations of Natural-Language Grammar


August 15th -19th, 2005

Organized as part of
European Summer School of Logic, Language and Information
ESSLLI 2005 http://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/esslli05/
8-19th August, 2005 in Edinburgh

Workshop Organizers:
Ruth Kempson, kempson_at_dcs.kcl.ac.uk <mailto:kempson_at_dcs.kcl.ac.uk>
Glyn Morrill, morrill_at_lsi.upc.es <mailto:morrill_at_dcs.lp.es>

Workshop Purpose:
Both logic and computation bring standards to bear on grammar formalism
which raise challenges for its psychological interpretation. In recent
years approaches have consolidated their methodology in ways which are
sometimes similar, sometimes distinct. On the one hand, opposing views
often sustain an essentially common methodology: amongst these are the
disputes over the relationship between syntax and semantics within a
grammar, the number of levels to be articulated in a grammar, and the
nature of the mappings between them. On the other hand, in recent years,
there has been growing interest across a number of theoretical
frameworks in defining grammar formalisms for natural language which
make available stronger forms of psychological interpretation of the
formalism than is standard, giving rise to new ways of articulating the
relationship between grammar formalism and natural-language data. This
workshop aims to provide a forum for explicit discussion of these and
other foundational issues in articulating grammar formalisms for natural

The workshop aims to bring together not only colleagues with established
work in individual research programs, but also advanced PhD students and
researchers, so that both groups can present and discuss foundational
issues underpinning their work with colleagues and researchers working
in affiliated fields.

Workshop Topics:
Papers that address the following questions will in particular be
What are the levels of grammar?
What is representation and what is derivation?
How are psychological interpretations of grammar formalism to be made?
What is the relation between universal grammar and grammar formalism?
What is the relation between anaphora construal and grammar-internal
What is the relation between grammar and parser?
What is the relation between grammar and dialogue?
What is the relation between logic, computation and grammar?

Amongst formalisms of which we would hope to have representatives are:
Minimalism, TAG, HPSG, LFG, Model-theoretic syntax, Categorial grammar
(TLG, TTG, CCG, pregroup), Higher Order Grammar, Dynamic Syntax,
Dependency grammar.

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