18.612 mashed and faceted objects

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Would it not be the case that not a day after sending you that little
quotation from Bruce Rogers I found an example for the analogy of a potato

Google and its ilk are potato mashers.

The following are much finer tools:


is what I would call an instantiation of a semantic web that calls upon
the power of linking. The listings at del.icio.us are particular apt for
retrieving focused technical information. See for example what crops up
under CSS and compare with what a search engine would return.

And then there is ...


<quote>Faceted classification assigns a set of parameters (facets) to the
objects it's classifying and then lets users sort them using the facets in
any order.
Many-to-many blog

Of course tip of the hat to Patrick Durusau for pointing out CiteULike in
Humanist 18.606 which reminded me of other social bookmark manager.

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