18.611 ACH/ALLC preliminary programme; LACL student session

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   [1] From: Alejandro Bia <abia_at_umh.es> (20)
         Subject: Preliminary Conference Programme, now available

   [2] From: Renaud Marlet <Renaud.Marlet_at_labri.fr> (33)
         Subject: 2nd CFP - Student session - LACL 2005

         Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:09:38 +0000
         From: Alejandro Bia <abia_at_umh.es>
         Subject: Preliminary Conference Programme, now available

Dear Colleagues,

The list of accepted presentations and their titles for the ACH-ALLC 2005
conference is now available at the conference website:


The full Program and Schedule of presentations, with Abstracts, should be
available in April (we will notify these lists when they are).

We are very enthusiastic about the quality and variety of the Program that
is going to be offered - in the conference proper, and in the
pre-conference Humanities Computing Institute. The program of workshops and
presenters for the Institute is available at: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/institute/

A single Registration page for both events is available online at the
ACH-ALLC 2005 website (above).

Looking forward to meeting you in Victoria in June.

Peter Liddell
Chair, Organizing Committee

Alejandro Bia
Chair, Program Committee

         Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:17:58 +0000
         From: Renaud Marlet <Renaud.Marlet_at_labri.fr>
         Subject: 2nd CFP - Student session - LACL 2005

                  2nd Call for papers
              Student Session - LACL'2005
      Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics
               Deadline : March 15, 2005

LACL'2005 is the 5th edition of a series of international
conferences on logical and formal methods in computational
linguistics. It addresses in particular the use of proof
theoretic and model theoretic methods for describing natural
language syntax and semantics, as well as the implementation
of natural language processing software relying on such models.


For the first time, LACL'2005 will feature a student session.
Students (not having defended yet their PhD thesis or defending
it in 2005) are invited to submit short papers (2 or 3 pages)
on the same topics as LACL. Submitted papers may present only
partial but promising work.

This student session offers a good opportunity for students
to acquaint themselves with the world of research : digest
writing exercise, feedback from the program committee, oral
presentation exercise, feedback from LACL attendants.

Students whose articles will be selected for the student
session will benefit from reduced registration fees for the
LACL conference.


Submitted articles will be reviewed by a program committee
made of a a group of experienced researcher as well as a
group of chosen PhD students. Each article will be reviewed
by at least one experienced researcher and one of these PhD



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