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LOAIT Workshop
Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

June 6, 2005
Bologna, Italy

held in conjunction with ICAIL-05

=3D=3D LOAIT Description

In the last few years Legal Informatics (the study of methods for automating
the treatment of legal information) has been significantly influenced by
Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches. For instance, Machine Learning
techniques have successfully been applied to problems of legal documents
classification, legal information retrieval, legal knowledge discovery and
As the use of these techniques becomes more widespread it also becomes
clearer how to enhance their performances. One way of doing this is to
employ structured (domain) knowledge in order to reduce complexity and
support correct reasoning. Legal Ontologies are playing a crucial role in
providing such knowledge at various levels of specificity and formality.

The LOAIT workshop aims at offering an overview of theories and well-founded
applications that combine Legal Ontologies and AI techniques. Similarly to
past events organized in conjunction with ICAIL-97, Jurix 2001 and ICAIL-03
the LOAIT workshop will constitute a valuable opportunity for researchers
and practitioners in AI, AI&Law, Legal Ontologies and related fields to
discuss problems, exchange information and compare perspectives.
Authors are invited to submit papers describing original completed work,
work in progress, interesting problems, case studies or research trends
related to one or more of the topics of interest listed below. Submitted
papers will be refereed by two experts based on originality, significance
and technical soundness.

=3D=3D LOAIT Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest include but are not limited to:

Legal Ontologies and Natural Language Processing

Legal Ontologies and Machine Learning for classification tasks

Legal Ontologies for text categorization

Legal Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Legal knowledge discovery and organization by AI approaches

Ontologies and legal standard modelling languages

Ontologies of property rights, persons and organizations, legal
procedures, contracts, legal causality, etc.

Ontological views on models of legal reasoning (e.g. regulatory
compliance, case-based reasoning, reasoning with uncertainty, etc.)

Multilingual and terminological aspects of regulatory ontologies

Engineering of regulatory ontologies (e.g. conceptual analysis,
representation, modularization and layering, reusability, evolution and
dynamics, etc.)

Experiences with projects and applications involving regulatory
ontologies (e.g. legal knowledge based systems, legal information retrieval
systems, e-government or e-commerce applications)

Modeling legal norms, concepts, rules, cases, principles, values
and procedures, methods for managing organizational change when introducing
legal knowledge systems

=3D=3D LOAIT Important Dates

March 25, 2005: Paper submission

April 25, 2005: Notification of acceptance

May 10, 2005: Camera-ready paper

June 6, 2005: Workshop

=3D=3D LOAIT Submission & Registration Details

Paper length: max. 14 pages

Paper electronic submission: manuscript must be submitted in PS or
PDF format at=20
<http://vortex.uvt.nl/icail05ws/>http://vortex.uvt.nl/icail05ws/ (create=20
your account, select
"Submit Paper" and choose "LOAIT Workshop")

Paper camera ready format: instructions for camera ready papers to
be announced on=20

Registration details on=20

=3D=3D LOAIT Organizers

Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR), Rome, Italy
Jos Lehmann <mailto:jos.lehmann_at_istc.cnr.it>jos.lehmann_at_istc.cnr.it

Institute of Legal Information Theories and Techniques (ITTIG-CNR) Florence,
Maria Angela Biasiotti <mailto:biasiotti_at_ittig.cnr.it>biasiotti_at_ittig.cnr.it
Enrico Francesconi <mailto:francesconi_at_ittig.cnr.it>francesconi_at_ittig.cnr.it
Maria Teresa Sagri <mailto:sagri_at_ittig.cnr.it>sagri_at_ittig.cnr.it

=3D=3D LOAIT Program Committee

Trevor Bench-Capon, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Richard Benjamins, ISOCO, Spain

Guido Boella, Universita' di Torino, Italy

Daniele Bourcier, University of Paris, France

Joost Breuker, Leibniz Center for Law (UvA), The Netherlands

Pompeu Casanovas, Department of Political Science, Autonomous University of
Barcelona, Spain

Jaime Delgado, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Aldo Gangemi, Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR), Italy

Mustafa Jarrar, STARLab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Guiraude Lame, Responsable des syst=E8mes d'information juridique, Caisse
Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne & Ecole CERSA, Universit=E9 Paris 2, France

Laurens Mommers, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Giovanni Sartor, University of Bologna, Italy

Daniela Tiscornia, Institute of Legal Information Theories and Techniques
(ITTIG-CNR), Italy

Andre Valente, Knowledge Systems Ventures, United States of America

Radboud Winkels, Leibniz Center for Law (UvA), The Netherlands
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