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         Subject: Euroscience Open Forum 2006 launches call for proposals

The 2nd Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) will take place July 15th-19th 2006
in Munich, Germany. Scientists, journalists and experts in politics,
industry and research can now submit proposals for scientific sessions and
outreach activities online at www.esof2006.org until June 15th 2005.

The organisers of ESOF2006 now welcome contributions to the Forum's
programme. The call for proposals is open from March 15th until June 15th
2005. Proposals for scientific sessions and outreach activities can be
submitted online at www.esof2006.org. To stimulate inspiring submissions,
18 broad themes have been selected. These themes highlight current
developments in research and science policy and set the framework for an
outstanding conference.

ESOF is a pan-European scientific meeting staged to provide an
interdisciplinary forum for open dialogue, debate and discussion as well as
showcase European achievements right across the scientific spectrum.
Through ESOF, researchers and scientists, as well as journalists and the
general public are provided with an adequate platform for exchanging views
and discussing the challenges and consequences of scientific developments
around the world.

ESOF was successfully launched in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004. It attracted
1800 visitors from 67 countries. Founder of ESOF is the Organisation
Euroscience, a grass-roots scientific organisation founded in 1997 with
over 2,000 members in 40 countries.

In order to promote dialogue between science and society, ESOF2006 will be
jointly held with the Wissenschaftssommer (German national science week) in
Munich. The Wissenschaftssommer is organised annually by Wissenschaft im
Dialog, an initiative of the Stifterverband fuer die Deutsche Wissenschaft
and other German science-funding organisations.

In its work ESOF2006 is supported by a number of committees. The Steering
Committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl, General Director of the
Deutsches Museum Muenchen, where ESOF2006 will be held. Host of the
conference is Wissenschaft im Dialog. ESOF2006 is to date generously
supported by two initiating partners; the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the
Stifterverband fuer die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

Contact international: Effrosyni Chelioti
Press & Marketing Officer ESOF 2006
Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH
Markgrafenstrasse 37
D-10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 20 67 29 96
Fax: +49 (0)30 20 64 92 05
Mob.:+49 (0)173 6433010
Email: effrosyni.chelioti_at_w-i-d.de

Contact national: Caroline Wichmann
Presse- und Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit
Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH
Markgrafenstrasse 37
D-10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 20 64 92 04
Fax: +49 (0)30 20 64 92 05
Email: caroline.wichmann_at_w-i-d.de
Mob.: +49 (0)173 2152044
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