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Spurred on by the announcement of John Unsworth's upcoming talk, I am
sharing one example where "the vitality and the impact of vernacular
computing" are acknowledged. It highlights that in some cases ignoring and
refusing to engage with the technologies that have emerged is a high
stakes game.

Ethel B. Gardner, a Simon Fraser University assistant professor of
education is developing an electronic master-apprentice language-learning
program. Three Sto:lo Nation elders will be the program's first masters,
helping its first apprentices - six Sto:lo teachers in training - become
fluent in their mother tongue: Sto:lo Halq'emeylem. The apprentices speak
the language but need to become highly fluent to teach in an ideal
language immersion setting.

With only four Sto:lo Nation elders left who are fully fluent in Sto:lo
Halq'emeylem, the ancient tongue is on the critically endangered list of
aboriginal languages. Ms. Gardner is a well-known expert on aboriginal
language renewal.

The program uses computer-assisted instruction, web-based writing and
teaching tools, and audio/video web communication techniques.

See http://www.sfu.ca/mediapr/sfu_news/archives/sfunews03100501.html


Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large

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