18.652 what is analog? what is digital?

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         Subject: analog & digital :: definitions and debates


Analog & Digital. We think we live in a digital age, but what is the
digital? We think our lives and bodies are analog, but what is the
analog? These distinctions shape us and our world, from the cell phones
we talk on to the weight and sensation of our experience, yet there is
little concensus when it comes to the analog & digital.

We propose a collaborative exploration, definition, and debate about
the analog & digital using the plain_text zwiki (zope wiki) at the West
Virginia University's Center for Literary Computing. We've already
posted a provocative and important essay on the topic by writer and
internet philosopher Alan Sondheim. We welcome your responses, either
following Sondheim's essay or striking off in new directions.

Follow this link to access the zwiki:
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