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   [1] From: Adam Kilgarriff <adam_at_lexmasterclass.com> (45)
         Subject: Lexicom workshop

   [2] From: "J. Stephen Downie" <jdownie_at_uiuc.edu> (104)
         Subject: M2K European/UK Workshop, registration information

   [3] From: maxime ambard <amblard_at_labri.fr> (30)
         Subject: LACL: Call For participation

   [4] From: PInar Yolum <pyolum_at_cmpe.boun.edu.tr> (51)
         Subject: CFP: The 20th International Symposium on Computer and
                 Information Sciences (ISCIS'05)

         Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:24:59 +0000
         From: Adam Kilgarriff <adam_at_lexmasterclass.com>
         Subject: Lexicom workshop

5th Annual Workshop in Lexicography and Lexical Computing, to be held in
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
June 10th-14th 2005


Led by the Lexicography MasterClass: Sue Atkins, Adam Kilgarriff and
Michael Rundell, Lexicom is an intensive one-week workshop, where
seminars on theoretical issues alternate with practical sessions at the
computer, working in small groups, each person with his/her own

Topics we cover

1. designing and building text corpora
2. software for analyzing corpus data
3. designing and using dictionary databases
4. Frame Semantics and its application to lexicography
5. corpus analysis: discovering word senses, recording contextual
6. writing entries for dictionaries & lexicons

The workshop also includes two 'master classes': one in advanced
corpus-based lexicography (including bilingual entries) and the other in
lexical computing.

Who the course is for
The workshop is suitable for people with a background in one or more of
the following:
1. lexicography
2. linguistics
3. computational linguistics
4. computer support for dictionary projects
5. translation
6. terminologists

The cost has been kept as low as possible, with discounted rates for
full-time students and for participants from East European countries and
regions with currency conversion problems. Places are limited and early
registration is advised. Registrations received before the end of April
carry a discounted fee.

Michael Rundell, Sue Atkins, Adam Kilgarriff
The Lexicography MasterClass

Adam Kilgarriff
Lexicography MasterClass http://lexmasterclass.com
Lexical Computing Ltd http://sketchengine.co.uk
University of Sussex
mailto:adam_at_lexmasterclass.com +44 (0)1273 705773

         Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:29:14 +0000
         From: "J. Stephen Downie" <jdownie_at_uiuc.edu>
         Subject: M2K European/UK Workshop, registration information

Hi colleagues:

Please find below the OFFICIAL M2K (Music-to-Knowledge) European/United
Kingdom Workshop announcement. It is also available in HTML at
http://www.music-ir.org/evaluation/m2k_uk_workshop.html . Do check the
HTML version as more specifics emerge concerning special local
accommodations. Do note the dates: things are going to happen quickly so
please RSVP as soon as possible.

LAB LEADERS: I am keen to have as many European/UK labs represented as


PS: North American Colleagues: we are working on similar workshop to be
held Mid May/Early June at UIUC (Champaign). Please drop me a personal
note if you are interested.

*****************WORKSHOP INFORMATION*************
Friday, 15 April 2005 - Saturday, 16 April 2005

Goldsmiths College, University of London

For instructions on getting to Goldsmiths:

Workshop Goals:
This two-day workshop is designed to bring together the International
Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory (IMIRSEL;
http://music-ir.org/evaluation) M2K (Music-to-Knowledge;
http://music-ir.org/evaluation/m2k) development team with select Music
Information Retrieval/Music Digital Library researchers/students from
the UK and other European countries with three major goals in mind:

     1. to demonstrate and train participants in the use of M2K as a
rapid prototyping system and how to use it as both a general development
environment and as the submission mechanism for the upcoming MIREX contests;
     2. to allow key researchers and their students to provide feedback
to the IMIRSEL M2K developers to correct and enhance the M2K system; and,
     3. to allow the assembled participants to draw up an M2K
module/functionality "wishlist" with the outcome that participants take
on specific development responsibilities of new modules/functionalities
(i.e., distribute development and assistance across the community in the
open-source tradition). NOTA BENE: M2K, in its current Alpha
configuration, is predominantly an audio-based toolset: I would like to
encourage the particpation of researchers and students who have
expertise in symbol-based and meta-data-based approaches to MIR/MDL

Workshop Size:
Due to space limitations, we expect the workshop size will be limited to
30 participants.

Watch this space for information on potentially low-cost, local

Registration Costs:
This workshop has NO registration fee.

Application Procedure:
Send email to J. Stephen Downie (jdownie AT uiuc.edu):

Message body:

     1. Name:
     2. Email:
     3. Institution:
     4. Home Location: (Indicate UK or EURO)(see below for reason)
     5. Supervisor/Lab Leader Name: (if applicable)
     6. Supervisor/Lab Leader Email: (if applicable)
     7. Plans to participate in MIREX 2005: (Yes/No/Possible (with
BRIEF comment))
     8. Participation in past/upcoming ISMIRs: (Be BRIEF)
     9. Subsidy Need: (Give BRIEF comment about your NEED for subsidy.
Please give a best estimate of mininum subsidy required (for example,
transportation cost estimates)).
    10. Need for Accommodations: (Please let us know if you will need
access to Goldsmiths residence accomodations)
    11. Willingness to share accommodation: (Yes/No and gender info if YES)

Possible Participant Subsidies:
For UK-based Young Researchers (PhD students and similar): You can apply
for travel & accommodation funding from the Digital Music Research
Network (www.dmrn.org). For application forms and information on how to
apply, see http://www.elec.qmul.ac.uk/dmrn/funding/. Please send the
DMRN Travel Support forms to Theresa Willis at the address given on the
form: DO NOT send to J. Stephen Downie or to Goldsmiths.

For Non-UK, European-based (and Senior UK-based) participants: Prof. J.
Stephen Downie will be administering funds from a special National
Science Foundation M2K workshop grant. Subsidies will be re-imbursed
after the workshop to the agreed-upon amount after submission of
receipts to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. NOTA BENE:
For larger labs, I would appreciate it very much if participants from
larger labs attempt to do a bit of pre-co-ordination of applications,
especially if subsidies are being requested (see below). A brief email
to J. Stephen Downie from the lab leader would be greatly appreciated as
I try to distribute my Non-UK European funds in the best manner
possible. Select participants will be subsidized to attend according the
following heuristic:

     1. Demonstration of need (i.e., unavailability of/limitations to
funds from local sources)
     2. Participation of home lab in active development and evaluation
work (e.g., plan to participate in MIREX 2005; have been active in M2K
discussions and development, etc.)
     3. Broadening representation of the research labs (i.e.,
distributing funds in such a way as to maximize the number of labs
represented (this done in the spirit that at as many labs as possible
can have at least one member who can in turn pass on their M2K knowledge
to their lab))

Special Thanks:
Prof. Geraint Wiggins, Goldsmiths College
Tim Crawford, Goldsmiths College
Prof. Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary College

J. Stephen Downie
23 March 2005

         Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:30:20 +0000
         From: maxime ambard <amblard_at_labri.fr>
         Subject: LACL: Call For participation

Apologies for multiple copies / please redistribute
                  L A C L 2 0 0 5
          Fifth International Conference on
     Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics
        28-29-30 april 2005, Bordeaux (France)
     CNRS - INRIA - University of Bordeaux 1 & 3


LACL conference series

LACL-2005 is the 5th edition of a series of international conferences on
logical and formal methods in computational linguistics. It addresses in
particular the use of proof theoretic and model theoretic methods for
describing natural language syntax and semantics, as well as the
implementation of natural language processing software relying on such

Student Session

A student session will be organize.
For more informations, see our web site


Registration for LACL 2005 is open. You can access the registration form
from the LACL website



         Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:31:01 +0000
         From: PInar Yolum <pyolum_at_cmpe.boun.edu.tr>
         Subject: CFP: The 20th International Symposium on Computer and
Information Sciences (ISCIS'05)

Apologies for multiple postings.

The paper submission system is now open at

Please note that the proceedings of the symposium will be published by
Springer-Verlag in Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.


                               Call for Papers
          The 20th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences

                  20th Anniversary Conference of the ISCIS Series
       Celebrating the 60th Birthday of the Founder of ISCIS, Prof. Erol

                               October 26-28, 2005
                                Istanbul, Turkey

                                  Organized by
                       Department of Computer Engineering
                      Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

                  Web site: http://iscis05.cmpe.boun.edu.tr/
We kindly invite you to submit papers for the twentieth of the ISCIS
series of conferences that bring together computer scientists and
engineers from around the world. This year's conference will be held
in Istanbul. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Computational Intelligence
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Information Retrieval
Internet and Multimedia
Operating Systems
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages and Algorithms
Security and Cryptography
Software Engineering
Theory of Computing

This year we especially welcome papers in the areas of e-commerce
(including web services and service-oriented computing, auctions,
reputation and recommender systems, personalization and privacy,
mobile commerce), multi-agent systems (including agent coordination
and cooperation, agent communication, agent networks, agents and
complex systems, trust and reputation, agents on the web, multi-agent
simulation and modeling, industrial agent applications), satellite
networks (including architectures, simulation and modeling, on-board
processing and switching, internet services over satellite, advances
in coding, modulation schemes, satellite security), and sensor
networks (including deployment, localization, synchronization, link
characteristics, MAC protocols and routing, capacity and lifetime
optimization, security). There will be invited talks and tutorials
given by leading researchers in these fields.

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