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   [1] From: ceemas05_at_conferences.hu (25)
         Subject: CEEMAS 05 submission deadline approaching

   [2] From: geoff_at_cs.miami.edu (31)
         Subject: LPAR-12 in Jamaica

   [3] From: lpnmr05.publicity_at_mat.unical.it (20)
         Subject: LPNMR'05: Call for Systems and Applications

         Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 15:45:24 +0100
         From: ceemas05_at_conferences.hu
         Subject: CEEMAS 05 submission deadline approaching

[4th International Central and Eastern European Conference on Multi-Agent

Dear Colleague,

This is to remind you that the paper submission deadline of CEEMAS`05 is
approaching: 8 April 2005. For paper submission guidelines, please visit:

Also, we are pleased to inform you that:

- A limited number of Agentlink grant is available to student presenters to
encourage student participation. For further details and the application
form, please visit our web site.

- The 3. Agentlink Technical Forum (TFG) will be held in Budapest in
conjunction with CEEMAS`05. Details on the Forum will be available at

Should you need further information, please contact the Secretariat.

With best regards,

Ms. Magdolna Zsivnovszki
CEEMAS05 Secretariat
Conference Department, Computer and Automation Research Institute of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI)
H-1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17, Hungary
Tel.: +36-1-209-6001, +36-1-279-6188
Fax: +36-1-386-9378
e-mail: ceemas05_at_conferences.hu
URL: http://www.ceemas.org/ceemas05

         Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 15:47:44 +0100
         From: geoff_at_cs.miami.edu
         Subject: LPAR-12 in Jamaica

LPAR-12 Montego Bay, Jamaica
http://www.lpar.net/2005 2nd-6th December 2005

                              Call For Papers

The 12th International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial
Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-12) will be held 2nd-6th December 2005,
at the Wexford Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Submission of papers for
presentation at the conference is now invited. Topics of interest include:

+ automated reasoning + propositional reasoning
+ interactive theorem proving + description logics
+ proof assistants + modal and temporal logics
+ proof planning + nonmonotonic reasoning
+ proof checking + constructive logic and type theory
+ rewriting and unification + lambda and combinatory calculi
+ software and hardware verification + logic programming
+ network and protocol verification + constraint programming
+ systems specification and synthesis + logical foundations of programming
+ model checking + computational interpretations of logic
+ proof-carrying code + logic and computational complexity
+ logic and databases + logic in artificial intelligence
+ reasoning over ontologies + knowledge representation and reasoning
+ reasoning for the semantic web + reasoning about actions

Full and short papers are welcome. Full papers may be either regular papers
containing new results, or experimental papers describing implementations
or evaluations of systems. Short papers may describe work in progress or
provide system descriptions. Submitted papers must be original, and not
submitted concurrently to a journal or another conference.

The full paper proceedings of LPAR-12 will be published by Springer-Verlag
in the LNAI series. Authors of accepted full papers will be required to
sign a form transferring copyright of their contribution to Springer-Verlag.
The short paper proceedings of LPAR-12 will be published by the conference.


         Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 15:48:48 +0100
         From: lpnmr05.publicity_at_mat.unical.it
         Subject: LPNMR'05: Call for Systems and Applications

                        Call for Systems and Applications

                8th International Conference on Logic Programming
                         and Nonmonotonic Reasoning

                           Diamante/Cosenza, Italy
                             September 5-8, 2005


As part of the technical program of LPNMR'05, we plan a special session
devoted to presentations and demonstrations of LPNMR systems and LPNMR

Accepted contributions will be published as part of the regular conference
proceedings in the Springer "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" series
(with a limit of four to five pages).

System descriptions should provide information on the theoretical background,
features, and possibly implementation techniques, experimental evaluation,
programming methodology and availability.

Application descriptions should refer to concrete applications of LPNMR and
describe design choices and decisions, interesting implementation issues,
techniques, and methodology, experimental evaluation and availability.

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