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         Subject: Digital Humanities / Humanities Computing Summer
Institute (U Victoria, June 11-14, 2005)

I've attached, below, an announcement for the 2005 Digital Humanities /
Humanities Computing Summer Institute. Please forward it to interested
colleagues and students (and please, also, excuse any x-posting).

On behalf of all those involved in the institute, I invite you to consider
joining us in the week before the ACH/ALLC conference in Victoria!

    With all best wishes,

       Ray Siemens


Announcing the
2004 Digital Humanities / Humanities Computing Summer Institute
University of Victoria, June 11-14, 2005


* Mandate
          The institute provides an environment ideal to discuss, to learn
about, and to advance skills in the new computing technologies that
influence the way in which those in the Arts and Humanities carry out their
teaching and research today. The institute offers intensive coursework,
seminar participation, and lectures, and it will bring together faculty,
staff, and graduate student theorists, experimentalists, technologists, and
administrators from different areas of the Arts and Humanities -- plus
members of the digital library, library, and archival studies community,
and beyond -- to share ideas and methods, and to develop expertise in
applying advanced technologies to their teaching and research.

          This year the summer institute is pleased to associate itself with
the 2005 ACH/ALLC Conference taking place at the University of Victoria
June 15-18. The Institute workshops will take place immediately before the
ACH/ALLC Conference, and our staff are working closely with the conference
planners to provide a unique array of course offerings and special sessions.

* Host and Sponsors
          The institute is hosted by the University of Victoria's Faculty of
Humanities and its Humanities Computing and Media Centre, and is sponsored
by the University of Victoria, University of British Columbia Library,
Malaspina University College, Acadia University, the Consortium for
Computing in the Humanities / Consortium pour ordinateurs en sciences
humaines, the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and others.

* Curriculum

Institute Lectures:
   Lorna Hughes [New York U], David Hoover [New York U], Willard McCarty
[King's College, London], Stan Ruecker [U Alberta], Claire Warwick
[University College, London],
John Unsworth [U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign]

Introductory offerings:
   [1] Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Julia Flanders [Brown U] and Syd Bauman [Brown U])
   [2] Digitisation Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Marshall Soules and CDHI staff [Malaspina U-C])

Intermediate offerings:
   [3] Intermediate Encoding: Advanced TEI Encoding Issues, Metadata, Text
Transformations, and Databases (instructed by Susan Schreibman [U Maryland]
and Amit Kumar [U
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign])
   [4] Multimedia: Tools and Techniques for Digital Media Projects
     (instructed by Aimee Morrison [U Waterloo])

Advanced Consultations:
   [5] Large Project Planning, Funding, and Management (instructed by Lynne
Siemens [Malaspina U-C], with seminar speakers including Alan Galey [U
Western Ontario], Matt Steggle [Sheffield Hallam U], Claire Warwick
[University College, London], Lorna Hughes [New York U], Julia Flanders
[Brown U], and
Susan Schreibman [U Maryland])

* Registration Fees ($ CDN)
Standard registration fees for the institute are $950 for faculty and
staff, and $450 for students.

* Website
For further details -- such as the list of speakers, a tentative schedule,
the registration form, and accommodation information -- see the institute's
website, at this URL: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/institute/ .
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