18.686 Anthony Lioi on "Humanities Computing and the Hope of a Digital Ecology"

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The Computers and the Humanities Users Group


"Isis 2.0: Humanities Computing and the Hope of a Digital Ecology"

Anthony Lioi
Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies and
the Women's Studies Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Noon, Friday, April 8
STG Conference Room
Ground Floor, Grad Center, Tower E

Does humanities computing contain a model of human-machine interaction that
can address patterns of pathological technophobia and naive technophilia in
contemporary American culture? How can we articulate a philosophy of digital
texuality which incorporates the machine into social and natural ecologies?

This talk situates humanities computing in a context of violently spiraling
technophilia and technophobia. In contrast to models of the machine as
perfect servant or secret master, humanities computing perhaps embodies a
third model--a literal information ecology, the machine as organism in a
biotechnic community--with important consequences for the codex-based
humanities and contemporary machine-culture in general.

Examples will be multiplied.

We will be taking the speaker to lunch after the talk and plan to continue,
the conversation. Please join us if you are free. If not, please don't
hesitate to bring your lunch to the talk!
you are free,
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