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From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty willard.mccarty_at_kcl.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 09:41:45 +0100

               Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 18, No. 688.
       Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
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         Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 09:40:17 +0100
         From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca>
         Subject: Online Journal

There has been discussion on Humanist around the need for an online journal
in digital humanities. The Publications Committee of the joint organization
being established by ALLC and ACH (and others) has proposed that a first
joint venture should be a free online journal for the community. If you are
interested in participating in such a venture or have an opinion about how
it should be done, please write me at georock (at) mcmaster (dot) ca.

Geoffrey Rockwell
georock (at) mcmaster (dot) ca
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