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Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
January 2005

ISR Editorial

A Pugwash quartet
Harris, Jack

Gaia: nice is not enough
Turney, Jon

The credibility of scientific expertise in a culture of suspicion
Barnes, Barry

Country stories: the use of oral histories of the countryside to challenge
the sciences of the past and future
Harvey, David; Riley, Mark

Writing the region: Jonathan Couch and the Cornish fauna
Naylor, Simon

Cathedral studies: insight or hindsight?
Smith, Norman A.F.

Ancient technology and computer aided design: olive oil production in
southern Spain
Rojas-Sola, Jose Ignacio

Evolution as context-driven actualisation of potential: toward an
interdisciplinary theory of change of state
Gabora, Liane; Aerts, Diederik

Book Reviews
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