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   [1] From: Adam Kilgarriff <adam_at_lexmasterclass.com> (44)
         Subject: Workshop in Lexicography and Lexical Computing

   [2] From: maxime amblard <amblard_at_labri.fr> (17)
         Subject: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics

         Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 07:15:38 +0100
         From: Adam Kilgarriff <adam_at_lexmasterclass.com>
         Subject: Workshop in Lexicography and Lexical Computing

5th Annual Workshop in Lexicography and Lexical Computing, to be held in
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
June 10th-14th 2005


Led by the Lexicography MasterClass: Sue Atkins, Adam Kilgarriff and
Michael Rundell, Lexicom is an intensive one-week workshop, where
seminars on theoretical issues alternate with practical sessions at the
computer, working in small groups, each person with his/her own

Topics we cover

1. designing and building text corpora
2. software for analyzing corpus data
3. designing and using dictionary databases
4. Frame Semantics and its application to lexicography
5. corpus analysis: discovering word senses, recording contextual
6. writing entries for dictionaries & lexicons

The workshop also includes two 'master classes': one in advanced
corpus-based lexicography (including bilingual entries) and the other in
lexical computing.

Who the course is for
The workshop is suitable for people with a background in one or more of
the following:
1. lexicography
2. linguistics
3. computational linguistics
4. computer support for dictionary projects
5. translation
6. terminologists

The cost has been kept as low as possible, with discounted rates for
full-time students and for participants from East European countries and
regions with currency conversion problems. Places are limited and early
registration is advised. Registrations received before the end of April
carry a discounted fee.

Michael Rundell, Sue Atkins, Adam Kilgarriff
The Lexicography MasterClass

Adam Kilgarriff
Lexicography MasterClass http://lexmasterclass.com
Lexical Computing Ltd http://sketchengine.co.uk
University of Sussex
mailto:adam_at_lexmasterclass.com +44 (0)1273 705773

         Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 07:51:21 +0100
         From: maxime amblard <amblard_at_labri.fr>
         Subject: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics

                  L A C L 2 0 0 5
          Fifth International Conference on
     Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics
        28-29-30 april 2005, Bordeaux (France)
     CNRS - INRIA - University of Bordeaux 1 & 3


LACL conference series

LACL-2005 is the 5th edition of a series of international conferences on
logical and formal methods in computational linguistics. It addresses in
particular the use of proof theoretic and model theoretic methods for
describing natural language syntax and semantics, as well as the
implementation of natural language processing software relying on such

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