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My name is Stephen Ramsay, and I am the current Chair of the ACH
Jobs Committee.

The ACH has for the last few years offered a number of services
related to professional development in our discipline. One of the
most popular of these activities has been our mentoring program,
which pairs graduate students and job seekers with prospective
employers and people with experience in particular fields.

Mentoring relationships are deliberately informal. Mentees usually
contact the committee, who in turn suggests a possible mentor from a
list of people willing to serve in this capacity. The mentee then
contacts the mentor, and a friendly email chat ensues. Whenever
possible, mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet with one
another at conferences and other professional gatherings -- in
particular, at the ACH/ALLC meetings (where we often have
job-related activities planned).

We have yet to hear a negative word about this program. Mentees
consistently report being impressed by our good will (and good
advice); mentors tell us that they find the experience affirming and
fulfilling in every way.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor (or finding one),
please contact me directly (sramsay{at}uga{dot}edu). Our discipline
is a diverse one, and it's important that we have a pool of mentors
with a broad range of experiences and expertise (teaching, research,
libraries, and industry). Interested mentees need not be "on the
market" to participate.

We will have a number of job and mentoring related activities at
this year's ACH/ALLC meeting -- including an informal info. session
and get together for job seekers. We also hope everyone will
participate in our ever popular color code system for mentors and
mentees (more on that soon).

And finally, if you are looking to fill a position right now, you
may wish to contact the Committee. Our own participation in the
program has given us a very good sense of the talent pool, and we
may be able to help you find just the right person for the job.



Stephen Ramsay
Assistant Professor
Department of English
University of Georgia
email: sramsay_at_uga.edu
web: http://cantor.english.uga.edu/
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