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I thought Humanist subscribers might be interested in these brief
bios of the five digital library fellows who will be attending the
Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University
of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, next year. The bios demonstrate, I
think, some of the connections between humanities computing and
library and information science, particularly around digital
libraries. The fellowships are funded as part of a $939,618 grant
from the Institute for Museum and Library Services to Indiana
University and the University of Illinois "to create the first
research-based, comprehensive master's-level and post-master's in
library science (MLS) degree to educate librarians for work in
digital library programs. New internships in digital library projects
will be added to libraries at both institutions, and post-MLS
enrollees will be required to complete an internship."

A web site for the project can be found at:



Shane Beers of Cincinnati, Ohio will be pursuing the M.S. with an
emphasis on digital libraries. He earned a Bachelor of Science in
Design in 2003 from the University of Cincinnati College of Design,
Architecture, Art, and Planning and has worked as a graphic designer
for Catt Lyon Design and Wayfinding Consultants in Cincinnati, where
he has acted as a multi-purpose designer, utilizing skills in 2-D, 3- D,
and environmental design. He has also been involved in web design
projects for PJA/ULTRA in Boston and Warner Bros. Online in New
York. He is particularly interested in digital archiving and public
access to these archives.

Parmit Chilana of Surrey, British Columbia will be pursuing the M.S.
with an emphasis on digital libraries. She completed a BSc in
Computing Science from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2005. She
has worked as a Youth_at_BC Internet/Computer Trainer at the Surrey
Public Library and as a bioinformatics software developer in the
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at SFU. She has
been active in the Women in Computing Science Society at SFU. She is
particularly interested in interface design.

Howard Ding will be returning to UIUC from New York to pursue the
M.S. with an emphasis on digital libraries. He earned B.S. degrees
in physics and mathematics summa cum laude from UIUC in 1992. He
subsequently earned an M.S. in mathematics from the State University
of New York at Stony Brook. For the past few years he has been
employed by Sabre II Trading/Ovis Corporation as the sole information
technology specialist, responsible for implementing and maintaining a
system to search large amounts of equity options data to assist
traders in finding profitable trades. He finds the interdisciplinary
nature of library and information science particularly attractive.

Brian Franklin will be pursuing the M.S. with an emphasis on digital
libraries. He earned a B.A. in English and History from UIUC in 1998
and has considerable experience in production management in
publishing, encompassing print production, web design, and database
building and maintenance for both a company and a professional
society in Chicago. He also worked as a collection management
assistant for Northwestern University Library. He is particularly
interested in digital preservation issues.

Geoffrey Ross will be building on his M.S. in library and information
science from UIUC by pursuing the C.A.S. with a concentration in
digital libraries. He also holds a B.A. in English literature from
UIUC and an M.A. in English literature from the University of
Connecticut. While at UIUC he has worked as a graduate assistant to
the English Librarian, with responsibilities including collection
development and reference services. He has also served as a teaching
assistant for the Searching Online Information Systems course. He is
particularly interested in collection development policies for
digital collections.
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