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   [1] From: "Bleck, Brad" <BradB_at_spokanefalls.edu> (33)
         Subject: Computers and Writing 2005 Online Conference Proposal
                 Reviewers needed!

   [2] From: Carlos Areces <Carlos.Areces_at_loria.fr> (37)
         Subject: ESSLLI 2006 - Call for Course and Workshop Proposals

         Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 07:50:52 +0100
         From: "Bleck, Brad" <BradB_at_spokanefalls.edu>
         Subject: Computers and Writing 2005 Online Conference Proposal
Reviewers needed!

Please distribute far and wide as appropriate!

In keeping with this year's CW Online 2005 conference theme--"When
Content Is No Longer King: Social Networking, Community, and
Collaboration"--conference organizers invite you and other interested
parties to read and respond to the proposals submitted for this year's
conference. These proposals can be found at


Should you choose to participate in this process, we ask that you
consider the following suggested guidelines:

--Before jumping into the response process, look at some proposals that
already have comments posted and get a feel for what's being done.
--Read the proposal carefully and consider what you think might be
improved, extended, re-focused, clarified or otherwise revised.
--We suggest avoiding a lengthy commentary or review. Instead, introduce
some talking points and engage the author in a conversation about the
--Gradually, as the dialogue unfolds, bring in the points you'd like to
see addressed.
--Treat your responses as part of an ongoing dialogue with the author,
your fellow respondents, and casual commentators. When possible,
consider referring to previous responses.
--Generally speaking, we are not looking for responses that are overly
evaluative or argumentative, but rather those that encourage dialogue
leading to clarification and understanding.

Acceptance notifications will be going out to proposers no later than
May 13. In the spirit of old-style Chicago politics, or maybe even
contemporary Washington state politics, we invite you to respond early
and often. Happy dialoguing and thanks for helping to make Computers
and Writing Online 2005 a success!

Bradley Bleck
Spokane Falls CC
Conference Chair

         Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 07:51:53 +0100
         From: Carlos Areces <Carlos.Areces_at_loria.fr>
         Subject: ESSLLI 2006 - Call for Course and Workshop Proposals

    18th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
                             ESSLLI 2006
              31 July - 11 August, 2006, Malaga, Spain



The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI)
is organized every year by the Association for Logic, Language and
Information (FoLLI, http://www.folli.org) in different sites around

The main focus of ESSLLI is on the interface between linguistics,
logic and computation. ESSLLI offers foundational, introductory and
advanced courses, as well as workshops, covering a wide variety of
topics within the three areas of interest: Language and Computation,
Language and Logic, and Logic and Computation.

Previous summer schools have been highly successful, attracting up to
500 students from Europe and elsewhere. The school has developed into
an important meeting place and forum for discussion for students and
researchers interested in the interdisciplinary study of Logic,
Language and Information.

The ESSLLI 2006 Program Committee invites proposals for
foundational, introductory, and advanced courses, and for workshops
for the 18th annual Summer School on a wide range of timely topics
that have demonstrated their relevance in the following fields:

     - Logic and Language
     - Logic and Computation
     - Language and Computation

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Proposals should be submitted through a web form
available at http://www.folli.org/submission.php

All proposals should be submitted no later than

                  ******* Friday June 17, 2005. *******

Authors of proposals will be notified of the committee's decision no
later than Friday September 23, 2005. Proposers should follow the
guidelines below while preparing their submissions; proposals that
deviate can not be considered.

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