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   [1] From: Gina Anzivino <ganzivin_at_uci.edu> (51)
         Subject: Transliteracies Project Conference on Online Reading,
                 UC Santa Barbara, June17-18, 2005

   [2] From: Helen Ashman <hla_at_CS.NOTT.AC.UK> (12)
         Subject: WDA 2005: Submission deadline approaches

   [3] From: "Adel M. Alimi" <Adel.Adel_at_enis.rnu.tn> (30)
         Subject: ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 : Final CFP and Extended Deadline
                 (May 31, 2005)

         Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 05:24:51 +0100
         From: Gina Anzivino <ganzivin_at_uci.edu>
         Subject: Transliteracies Project Conference on Online Reading, UC
Santa Barbara, June17-18, 2005

>*** "UCSB Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading" ***
>Conference Launching the Transliteracies Project
>June 17-18, 2005
>Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
>McCune Room (6020 HSSB)
>Kevin C. Almeroth * Anne Balsamo * Walter Bender * Bruce Bimber * John Seely
>Brown * Nicholas Dames * N. Katherine Hayles * Yunte Huang * Adrian Johns *
>Wolf Kittler * George Legrady * Cynthia Lewis * David Link * Alan Liu *
>Peter Lyman * Jerome J. McGann * Tara McPherson * J. Hillis Miller * John
>Mohr * Christopher Newfield * Lisa Parks * Carol Braun Pasternack *
>Christiane Paul * Leah Price * Rita Raley * Ronald E. Rice * Warren Sack *
>Schoenerwissen/OfCD * Brigitte Steinheider * Matthew Turk * William B.
>Warner * Curtis Wong
>How are people today "reading" in digital, networked environments? For
>example, what is the relation between reading and browsing, or searching?
>Or between reading and multimedia? Can innovations in technologies or
>interfaces increase the productivity, variety, and pleasure of these new
>kinds of reading? How can the historical diversity of human reading
>practices help us gauge the robustness of the new digital practices; and,
>inversely, how can contemporary practices provide new ways to understand the
>technical, social, and cultural dimensions of historical reading? The
>Transliteracies 2005 conference (Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading)
>assembles theorists and practitioners from the humanities, arts, social
>sciences, computer science, and industry to talk about the fate of reading
>in the new media age.
>Three keynote presentations to mark out the diversity of disciplines and
>approaches needed to address the problem of online reading (keynoters: Anne
>Balsamo, Walter Bender, Adrian Johns). Three moderated, plenary conversation
>roundtables (1. Reading, Past and Present 2. Reading and Media 3. Reading as
>a Social Practice). A presentation session on "The Art of Online Reading."
>The conference launches the Transliteracies research project, which brings
>together humanities, social-science, and computer-science researchers to
>collaborate on technology development related to the future of textual
>experience. To register for the conference (free), comment on the seed
>questions for the roundtables, or learn more about the Transliteracies
>project, see http://transliteracies.english.ucsb.edu.
>Contact: Alan Liu, project leader (ayliu_at_english.ucsb.edu); Melissa
>Stevenson, conference assistant (melissa-s_at_cox.net).

Gina Anzivino
Humanities Center & HumaniTech
University of California, Irvine
949-824-3638 Voice
949-824-4413 Fax

         Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 05:25:21 +0100
         From: Helen Ashman <hla_at_CS.NOTT.AC.UK>
         Subject: WDA 2005: Submission deadline approaches

WDA 2005
Third International Workshop on Web Document Analysis
Seoul, Korea
August 28, 2005
Paper submission deadline: May 15, 2005

The deadline for submissions to WDA 2005 is fast approaching. Authors
are encouraged to submit short papers related to any aspect of document
analysis on the Web. We particularly welcome those already hoping to
attend ICDAR 2005.

Workshop Co-Chairs
Matthew Hurst
Ethan Munson

Questions? Contact Ethan Munson at munson_at_cs.uwm.edu

         Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 05:26:53 +0100
         From: "Adel M. Alimi" <Adel.Adel_at_enis.rnu.tn>
         Subject: ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 : Final CFP and Extended Deadline (May
31, 2005)

[ Apologies for multiple postings ]

International Conference on Machine Intelligence
Tozeur, Tunisia, November 5-7, 2005

Pleanary sessions, invited talks, workshops, tutorials, special sessions
and special events are announced on the conference web site

ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 will be organized into five tracks focusing on theory,
implementation and applications.
The tracks are:
* CI : Computational Intelligence
* IC : Intelligent Control
* IDA : Intelligent Data Analysis
* IPA : Intelligent Pattern Analysis
* ISA : Intelligent Systems Architectures

The venue for the ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 Conference will be Tozeur, Tunisia <
http://www.tourismtunisia.com/togo/tozeur/tozeur.html >. Tozeur a
prosperous town, was once, in its oases and mountains, one of the Roman
outposts named "Thusuros" and a stopping point for the caravans coming from
the sub Sahara to trade with the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, it
now owes its fame and affluence to the stately palm and its world renowned
dates - deglet nour "fingers of light".

The conference will be held November 5-7, 2005 in Tozeur in south-western
Tunisia accessible by the international airport of Tozeur. The remarkable
architecture of Tozeur, beige sun baked bricks set in geometric patterns,
Moorish arches and high vaulted ceilings and the shops offering locally
woven carpets, Berber jewellery and ornaments, promise visitors another
aspect of Tunisia.
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