19.017 what the Internet is doing to scholarship

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   Willard: Humanists may be interested in this essay in THE NEW REPUBLIC.

The Bookless Future
by David A. Bell


The entire essay is on-line.

I do have two disagreements with the author.

1. Only those items in which people are willing to invest the necessary time
and money will be found by a search engine. The rest, in good Orwellian
fashion, "go down the memory hole." These perforce include documents
currently under copyright but for which no pay-for-use arrangement is

2. Changing technologies may make the postings unreadable within a few
decades. As a critic once wrote, "Every day, we burn the Library of
Alexandria." I had my own experiences with this when I could not read files
written in WordMarc, a word processor much beloved -- for a few years -- in

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