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         From: Timothy Mason <tmason_at_club-internet.fr>
         Subject: Re: 19.022 googlizing books, internetting scholarship

> >2. Changing technologies may make the postings unreadable within a few
> >decades. As a critic once wrote, "Every day, we burn the Library of
> >Alexandria." I had my own experiences with this when I could not read
> >written in WordMarc, a word processor much beloved -- for a few years
-- in
> >Engineering.

WordPort ( http://www.doc-api.com/wordport.htm ) will read WordMarc files
and convert them. TextWrangler (which is free) might - I've had success
with it. I suspect that if you really look hard, you'll find a way into
just about any file format.

Best wishes

Timothy Mason
Universite de Paris 8
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