19.030 state of the Internet: what is to be done?

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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 07:44:48 +0100

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         Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 07:32:30 +0100
         From: "Jim Marchand" <marchand_at_UIUC.EDU>
         Subject: The State of the Internet

       The Chicago Tribune had a poignant message the other day
(05/14/05), which involves all of us. It was in the Voice of the
People (Vox populi): "Cyber `junkie' gives up on relationship," by
Chuck Kulig. He had, as many of my acquaintances, canceled his
Internet service because of spam, adware, spyware, cookies and the
like. Many of the members of the various scholarly lists on WWW
tell me that they have given up precisely because of this. Kulig
expresses it better than I possibly could: "I can't compete with
pimply-faced nerds who sit at their computers in darkened rooms,
sucking down caffeinated drinks 24/7 while they create nuisance
programs that foul the digital highway." We need to do something
about this, but what?
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