19.043 Literary Jounals in Canada: The Next Generation

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         Subject: Literary Journals in Canada: The Next Generation

Dear all,

Normally I lurk. But I am proud to announce that the project I worked on
with Dr. Dee Horne (English) has born fruit in the form of the book below:

Literary Jounals in Canada: The Next Generation has been published by
LitCan, is distributed by the Ingram Book Group, and is available through


The LitCan project brought together literary journal publishers from across
Canada to review and summarize the status quo in digital production and
other computing impacts on literary journals. Three of us at UNBC
(University of Northern B.C.) were involved. Two as contributors and Dr.
Horne as PI.

Digital versions of my chapters are available online at

Lynda Williams, M.Sc. Computation, M.L.S. info sci
http://www.okalrel.org lynda@okalrel.org (fiction)
http://ctl.unbc.ca (University of Northern B.C.)
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